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Oh neat, so this is what #PeerTube notifications look like. Basically, you need to click your avatar in the left-hand panel to see your notifications.

You won't see any notifications for comments created prior to this feature existing, but you will see new ones for everything going forward.

installation guide: "we recommend checking out the `release` branch"
me: "kthx, i'm checking out `master`"

@lis @em if you create a link to this, does it become 'link, linkinpark and linkedin in park link'?

this house is politically incorrect
We say

God damn America
workers of the world unite
all cops are bastards
be gay do crimes
socialism or barbarism
eat the rich
Nazi lives don't matter

if this offends you
:antifa: :_gayheart2: :comrade: :mrmarx: :trans_heart: :anarchism:

@jk soulless high-tech replicas of low-tech originals

(to an extent this is already happening)

@_ampersand @alpine_thistle we really gotta make the distinction between justice and vengeance bc "we should make other people suffer" is not a useful socialist praxis. anyone who disagrees has got some serious introspection to do, and also needs to disentangle themselves from violent fantasia

custom 👏 html 👏 on 👏 profiles 👏 when 👏

it'd be another unique feature no other major social network has and would make all the tumblr refugees happy

and the gamecube ntsc-u library is only 666gb so it could totally fit in the leftover space. man, that would be a real dream, having the entire gc/wii/wiiware/vc library on one hard drive and played natively on the wii hardware

All of this litigation about Fortnite characters stealing signature dance moves is beyond fucking weird. Who decided that moving your body in a certain way should be copyrighted, or that it's even something a person should have exclusive rights to?

Intellectual property is bullshit.

the only good woke ad campaign was when lush the fancy soap people suddenly decided their new marketing strategy was 'fuck cops' and the whole country yelled at them and they kinda went lol whatever

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