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gofundme to pay the bail of any teenage vandal who steals or erases the p off of the sign of any upper class neighborhood that has "pass" in the name

"it's class warfare bitch" i say as i steal the p off of the neighborhood placard, reducing arbor pass to arbor ass

don't call your app an electron app unless you can power it with literally 1 electron

We absolutely need to emphasize the importance of switching to YouTube alternatives, the imperialists will likely begin censoring voices from the periphery as they struggle for self determination

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@jk it is literally just: Blender. but what if a human could actually understand how to use it

hello and welcome to computer tutorial. this my youtube computer tutorial i will teach you computer. here is computer and i will teach you it. welcome. here it is - computer. as you can see computer is very bad. this is normal

@jk i used to be really embarrassed by past me, but now im really embarrassed by present day me in comparison to earnest 2008 me

@codl file manager ui idea: the file icons scale with file size

i don't really have much else to say about this.

some people who identify as robots use it explicitly *for* dehumanization. some people don't, and there's no 'one way' to identify.

we have to make decisions that impart the most broad usefulness to the platform as possible, and that includes communicating with a wide audience for the minimum amount of confusion.

I've attached a photo of the specific language in question, it only shows up in the settings page, not on the web interface or profile page.

"Fight me," the knight called.
"No," the dragon yawned.
"You must!"
"But it is your purpose!"
"In your story, not mine. Tell another."

There are people who still don’t know what a browser is, as they use one to get to Google

They equate email with GMail, they think of Facebook as the internet

These people are no less deserving of a freedom from vendor lock-in or proprietary software than those who are more tech-literate

We run multi-user operating systems on computers with MMUs, then we run web apps and databases on top of them that just throw that all away and process all requests in a single memory space. Then we cache everything in a memory-based key-value store with a single keyspace. All in the name of eking as much performance as possible out of our servers.

And then we wonder why we're constantly getting pwned.

my favorite sorting algorithm is O(1): fuckitsort, where you say "fuck it, i didnt want those in order anyway"

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Folks it's important to remember to call sleep() often in your code. Computers get sleepy too. Your programs will thank you for it.

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