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social media still has a lot to learn from email tbh

i feel like i've said this a *lot*, before

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i need to learn how to take notes again, damn. i used to carry a notebook for these things because it's usually easier to jot down something quickly, as opposed to opening my phone and going to some note taking app and waiting for it to load, and then having to type it on a small keyboard

this is like digital showerthoughts, except instead of the night after it's weeks later

anyway yeah and they literally called their nodes/instances "trees"

there was a toot i saw idk-how-long-ago that was thinking about (making? designing?) a social network that used a tree metaphor

and i didn't reply at the time bc i'd forgotten the name of a very similar network that already existed back in like 2010

anyway i just remembered the name is Libertree but i have absolutely no idea how to find that old conversation and let that person know (or even which person it was)

I'm really excited about all the activity in the federated, self-hosted space. However, I feel like there's still a missing piece around identity. I don't want to have to create a new user every time I want to use someone elses shiny new federated event sharing application or what have you.

There don't seem to be any great self hosted OpenID providers out there and OpenID only solves the authentication part anyway. Maybe I've missed some obvious solutions?

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Background: John Stankey is not the inventor of the stanky leg, but rather has the much less interesting title of owner of HBO or some shit like that

French, English, and German are actually the SAME LANGUAGE. the only difference is:

> in French you sound like you're speaking FRENCH
> in English you sound like you're speaking ENGLISH
> in German you sound like you're speaking GERMAN

hope that helps!!!!!!

“It's called a medium because it's neither rare nor well-done” - unknown

Hey, any time there's a paywall on Public Domain or otherwise legally free info, liberate it. Throw it up somewhere, put it on your favorite tracker, give it to all your friends. Punch a hole in that boat.

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