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Supporting victims of trauma (sexual assault, personal) Show more

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my asian art history tells the wildest stories y'all

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You know that colour called "medium brown"?

I thought of a better name, but it's medi-ochre.

German interior minister: "Migration is the mother of all problems"

Deutsch "Mutter" (mother) from protogermanic *mōdēr, from proto-indo-europ. *méh₂tēr. Cognate with celtic *mātīr, latin mater, greek μητέρα (mitéra), russ. мать (matʹ), persian مادر‎ (mādar), sanskrit मातृ (mā́tṛ).

Two letters from the word
M (latin)
𐤌 phoenician (a waterline)
μ greek
מ hebrew
ﻡ arabic
म Hindi

R latin
𐤓 phoenician (a head)
ρ greek
ר hebrew
ﺭ arabic
र Hindi

Migration is the mother of culture.

@phoe Yes, that's a threat. So we need to be aware of the "cute cat theory of digital activism". Our p2p system needs to be good enough that people will use it for regular things, which can protect against making it illegal.

VPNs hide your traffic, but are too popular with biz for the gov to make them illegal. etc.

There is now a "clear previous aliases" button on Steam. Useful if you need to remove your deadname or gendered names from the list.

Supporting victims of trauma (sexual assault, personal) Show more

this manga is avoiding disney's lawyers like someone trying not to get namesearched on twitter

“Oh hey look they glued keyboard keys to the wall.”

*steps back to take photo*


US passports for trans people Show more

imagine living in a world where your life wasnt dictated by people who know absolutely nothing about you or your community

A note for corporate infosec folks: if you take away someone's ability to do something they're just going to find other ways of doing the thing they want to do, and trust me those ways are going to be way worse

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