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made a chat client on glitch for everyone to use but it's entirely anonymous and you can only say the three words i use most when reacting to anything

these days people just arent interested in elvis, they prefer more modern entertainers such as Mr Blobby

posting this here so i don't have to keep checking my old tumblr for the one post tagged

walkin on eggshells here at the eggshell store. people yellin

frankly, grandma, if you're going to buy a pacemaker with non-free software on it, perhaps you deserve the heart palpitations

I'm not gonna act like I've made bank on Masto as I definitely can't make a living here, but I've gotten more commissions from people who weren't friends than I ever have with Twitter.

It's great when an algorithm isn't actively working against you.

We thought we knew what to expect. Sure, it was war but it was one with knowable parameters. Toilet paper was either put on the roll overhand or underhand. One knew which side they were fighting for. We were wrong. We were so very wrong. Things could always be worse, and some poor soul was about to show us how...

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you can also install arch (archii)

or just a web server if you prefer? that way your wii can serve websites

PSA: is a very bad, Fash-adjacent peddler of dangerous pseudoscience and garbage medical advice.

0/0, Do not recommend.

(They sometimes come up as a top result when searching medical/diet things, which is why I bring this up.)

#naturalnews #pseudoscience

About the uninterrupted 24/7 church service being held to prevent the police from entering the building and deporting a refugee family. I'm going to occasionally put replies here about whether it is still going on.

Today, Jan 14th 2019, the service is in it's 12th week and going strong.

Coolest christmas thing to do in the Netherlands: visit the Church in The Hague that is entering its 9th week of holding uninterrupted 24/7 church services to prevent the police from entering the building and deporting a refugee family.
The church always needs at least one visitor to legally be in service so a time like 5 AM is the very best moment to come show your solidarity.

if you don't like what you're getting payed (and you're probably right!), your problem is with your publisher, not with the people stealing your books. what you are doing when you complain about piracy, is the same as if a clothes factory worker complained that their pay was too low because of shoplifting

if you think that the solution to artists' poverty is to scream at people not to steal books/music/films/etc, not only are you incredibly misguided, you're outing yourself as an absolutely worthless analyst of capitalism

the lesson to be learned from the y2k bug is that if you avert the disaster nobody will think you did anything

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