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Sonic the hedgehog but he's a normal hedgehog and eggman is a farmer

tfw i need to start acquiring capital to fund my creative pursuits :kirby:

then i need to think about maybe getting another x79 / c602 motherboard for the storage server that i might end up building anyway

big oof, eyeing one that i don't wanna announce to the world unless/until i actually win the auction. suffice to say it's a legendary piece of kit currently hovering at quite a low price relative to past trends

i need a new portable audio recorder to replace my stolen zoom h1 so of course i have to take this as an excuse to upgrade, right? :roundboi:

pre-emptively grimacing at my future paypal balance in anticipation of the auctions i plan on bidding on soon

Trans acceptance is not political. Trans acceptance is a basic demonstration of human rights. If you complain that trans acceptance advocacy is political, you are what is commonly referred to as an asshole.

many Good Posts n my timeline today, keep it up y'all

I'm still not entirely sure what an e-girl is, but it sounds like a girl who's some sort of a cool cyborg, so I'm gonna go with that

bad fanfic idea, I dialogue heavy cross over fic between a member of that species that spoke in metaphor in star trek (darmok and jilad at tinagra) and groot

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