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i don't know how i feel about this i quite liked koken but it's kinda been in stasis for most of its life

then they sold to netobjects and got a few more updates before stagnating again

aaaaand now they're dead and gone and barely anyone will remember them except me and a few other people who built their photography sites on their cms


Their helpdesk site (which hosted their documentation, install links, changelogs, etc) is gone and redirects to

All that's left up is their landing page at (as well as and i guess)

Last snapshot available on from June 2019

Welcome to the fantastic and strange world of Dune, wherein the mysterious "Arabs" protect the vital "Crude Oil" which sustains the hegemony of the magestic imperium of "America".

a feeble gasp of liberalism, desperate to paint economic necessity as a choice, but recognizing how futile and absurd it is to argue that octogenarians are voluntarily working as cashiers en masse.

So, uh. You know Invidious, the privacy-focused front end for YouTube?

Someone made the same thing except it's for Twitter. And it has RSS support.

the real club penguin is linux users

"In Defense of Unfederated Content" would have been my #ActivityPubConf talk had I attended and had I given a talk.


so that means you could make a dollar per second -- or 86,400 dollars per day -- since the beginning of the Mayan calendar in 1102 BCE. And still have less money than Bezos does, even after his divorce.

reminder: if you made 5000 dollars a day since the year 1219 -- 800 years ago! -- you would still have less total money than Jeff Bezos made *EVERY WEEK* during 2018.

Bezos made over 1.5 billion per week that year; you would only have 1.46 billion

imagine having to be ashamed of your hobbies if they are not marketable

suing john wasabi for emotional damages due to not letting me see my friends cuteposts

The Wasabi status page promised updates about the situation at 1am UTC. I was eagerly awaiting that, as currently I cannot even access their control panel website. Their update? "We anticipate no changes to the system overnight tonight. We will continue in our current state"

hecking bless i915

best graphics driver

thank you intel for making this so painless

since i switched my main monitor from hdmi to displayport, it hasn't been going to sleep. when dpms activates it makes all the monitors go blank but then the main one just starts back up again aaaa

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