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I'm at the deadbeef


I'm at the babecafe


At the XOR deadbeef babecafe

at least that's what I'm telling myself as i hit "previous track" and nervously await to identify the track that contains the whispering on this "instrumental" google music radio station

being half asleep and then hearing whispering was pretty freaky until i remembered i was listening to music and maybe this radio track was just a little quieter than baseline

Today's flight was made a little extra thrilling by the fact that the noise cancelling on my Sony headphones is adjusted by an app, and the app requires you to agree to the privacy policy, and it can only do this while it is connected to the internet.

Just spitballing here, but maybe there's another way to make these things?

Someone teach me how to write pixelfed 2

this avatar just stands out more and feels more comfy idk

my avi is a lil outdated tbh my hair has gotten longer again

taking showers and then immediately going to bed in order to produce the wackiest hairstyles

remember when Park Joon-ho said that the oscars were a "local film festival" and dusted 6300 academy voters on the spot

actually it's only a computer if it's from the Computer region of France. otherwise it's a sparkling calculator

i think im gonna take a nap

or i might just go out to the mailbox and get drenched in the rain

"audiophiles" be like, get these chifi earbuds theyre really good for the price, except i legitimately think those $10 monoprice earbuds are better. they just get frayed way too easily and stop being flexible after a while

ive been using the soundmagic e10 earbuds for the past week or so and they have been disappointing... idk if i'm spoiled and can never go back to earbuds, or if this pair just happens to be bad, or if the sound signature is just too bassy and not detailed enough, but i kinda don't like it and i'm thinking of returning them

please let me be able to fix my headphones tonight, is all i'm saying

wire was delivered but it's raining 😩 waiting for it to stop raining so i can go to the mailbox but i'm impatient

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