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>this is a communist party takeover of america


the only other things they use though are skype and imessage, and maybe fb messenger? so idk if the privacy argument is gonna work on them considering they use facebook proper

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i use whatsapp for one person and i wish they would adopt something else

apparently i have inadvertently caused discourse on bitcoin hackers dot org by using them in the example screenshot of how domain blocks work

hey vsauce, michael here

can femboys... be non-racist? (music)

could have moved them to discord too but they're really not Gamers and i dont see them making usernames or understanding how discriminators work

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watch me migrate my family off whatsapp to signal and then i will not join signal

has twitch supplanted subway as the premier establishment offering $5 subs

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(1/3) Adobe Flash Player's kill switch is slowly starting to come into effect, as clocks tick past 12 across the globe.

Starting today, all Flash embeds are replaced with a button which blocks off access. Even if you don't uninstall #flashplayer, #Adobe won't let you use it...

reading certain things makes me feel bad even though i know it's not about me

Peertube v3's support for live streaming is incredibly exciting

obs integration too!

Great news, thank you for your hard work Peertube / Framasoft teams!

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