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tfw you order a fish sandwich and they make you a burger 😬

@trwnh behind this veil of gentleness and peace night is charging and will burst upon us

as an ex-tumblrite developing an interest in philosophy i can't possibly convey how upsetting it was to read Waiting For Godot and see the phrase "that's how it is on this bitch of an Earth" and have my immediate thought be ... Luigi

Opinion: 'Journalist' outdated term that helps paints corporate stooges as people with ethics

These "but commutes are good actually!" articles are really cheesing me off. They all boil down to people enjoying dedicated break time where they have no work or personal responsibilities. You don't need a commute for that, you need boundaries.

I was curious where the "X wife, X life" meme comes from and what I discovered is absolutely shocking.

The earliest known apaptation of the "X wife, X life" meme comes from the lyrics of the 1977 song "Iron Horse/Born to Lose" from the self-titled album by British heavy metal band Motörhead.

people who upload dub reggae on youtube DON'T use highpass filters for the start or stick in random dub siren samples challenge 2021

what the fuck is "heterosexual" y'all are just making shit up now

Just a little sneak peek of a new based project I'm working on

we all seem to care so much about how Alice and Bob can send each other encrypted messages, and how important it is for Eve not to see them
but what are Alice and Bob even talking about? Why did they fall out with Eve? I HAVE TO KNOW

The bundle for Palestinian aid is up! $5 for 1,020 games, assets, books, comics, soundtracks and more!

#palestineaid #freepalestine

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