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I'm kinda surprised @catstar doesn't have more followers... Do people not like cats very much here? Or is it that the account's bio is in Japanese? But the account only shares pictures...

(I have no affiliation with that account except that I really like it 😔)

What Telegram isn't, though, is the hardened, super-secure, end-to-end encrypted platform it's sometimes made out to be. Truth is, that won't matter to most people.

Technically Signal is the single most secure messaging app but, usability-wise, it's complete arse. WhatsApp occupies the middle-ground but isn't as customizable as Telegram and doesn't have the same expiry features.

tired: goomba stack
wired: roomba stack

@lighttrax I love that this thing came out literally weeks after a black mirror episode that featured giving consent by tapping a thing on your phone

My opinions on Electron: it's cool and all but why have an Electron application at all when a browser tab will do?

Related: I wish something better than JavaScript was the language of the web. I'm passively hoping that someone smarter than me makes a sort of Android application layer that, instead of compiling to Dalvik bytecode, instead compiles to wasm. HTML, JavaScript, the DOM: they all seem like paradigms wrangled out of a system never designed for the complex applications of today.

there's a re-release of The World Ends With You on the switch and I can't wait to spend money on it. That game is so ridiculously important to me

If you need a pick me up, learn how to say "my hovercraft is full of eels" in many languages.

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downloading gephi to try and make sense of all my social clusters visually

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I was going to make a joke about the YouTube theme color being #FF0000 soon based on the current trend, but... it is. what the fuck. the youtube theme color is 100% saturation red.

1) the road runner must not injure a human, or by inaction, allow a human to come to harm
2) the road runner must obey all orders given to it by humans, except where doing so would violate the previous rule
3) the road runner must protect its own existence except when doing so would violate one of the previous rules

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