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infinite love Ⴟ

found this while scrolling through FB memories. Credit's not mine

Let's try this Mastodon thing..

Here's my latest drawing for y'all my 0 followers:

(this is Thelonious Monk, a pianist I know nothing about, I just picked the original picture from french wikipedia Picture of the Day archives..)

inventing a new website called "mastodon 2". it has 24/7 video advertisements and all users are able to permanently ban 1 other user per week

The new default avatar has been submitted by @ConnyDuck

It’s the small things that make software / products delightful

every time someone says that "the web is dying", I just move a bit further from them to observe from a distance. They are always using a smartphone app, that communicates over HTTP(S) or WebSockets to its server. The app is often built with ReactNative, Cordova, Ionic. Most of them could be replaced by PWAs today.

The Web is not dying. The Web is in transition and so is all the network.

My bet is that once WebPayments is more widespread that PWAs will consolidate power.

Here's a WIP dark version of the gray Pineapple interface lots and lots of people have been asking about

Calling out hypocrisy means nothing to fascist ideologues. Don't waste your breath.

This "Spring Forward" thing would be a lot more popular if we moved the clocks ahead at 2PM on Monday.

had a dream that everyone was getting malware because of an email worm that had the topic line "NEW free waluigi calendar" and an exe attached. it was a good waluigi calendar, he was dancing in a little window on top of it.


TIL that during the battle of Stalingrad, field mice put dozens of German tanks out of action

yay comrade mouse!

If you're single... You're the Hot Single in someone's area :thaenkin: