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“Viruses aren’t our enemies,” Dr. Suttle said. “Certain nasty viruses can make you sick, but it’s important to recognize that viruses and other microbes out there are absolutely integral for the ecosystem.”

We know so little. Maybe it's time to stop that stupid war on viruses and better spend more money on research first. (via #fefe )

reading a Betteridge's law of headlines article when suddenly it reloads to reveal a request that can also be answered with "no"

the NSA. google, facebook, twitter etc have all this info on us and yet the bastards wont do my taxes or tell me where i left my car keys. Assholes.

I hate tipping, I fuckin hate tipping. just. ugh.

pay workers a living wage, throw it onto my bill, don't give people a reason to cheap out

where do you go to find quirky existentialist video games based on norse mythology and spaghetti westerns in the year of your lord 2018, you ask? you don't ;_;

i'm so emo that boktai 3 never launched outside of japan and also that boktai as a series is super dead and konami will never continue it and kojima probably can't/won't either due to copyright and the fact that it's been over 10 years since boktai ds and also kojima doesn't work for konami anymore UGH

It’s time to give Firefox a fresh chance, Because everyone using Chrome for everything is a bad idea

my thoughts on the fediverse in a nutshell:

1. mastodon and pleroma aren't at war with each other. that is largely a war of the fringe, and is best ignored. if you stay out of only one discourse this year, make it this one.

2. more fediverse software is better than less. if you want to develop an AP server, now is a great time to do it!

3. i owe you all some simplified docs, because i keep promising them. but i hate writing things. so, eventually they will arrive. sorry it is taking so long!

blimey... this orange and black layout knocks you back a bit.

i like it.

i mean, there's no confusion what site you're on with this.

Also, in club announcements, we've added the mastodon light theme by @skiant from and also a shiny brand-new linernotes dark theme custom developed specifically for us by @trwnh from !

Check them out in your preferences!

ok, so lets talk a bit about nomadic identity in activitypub.

there's two disparate components of "nomadic identity" that are usually talked about. i call them:

- nomadic personas: this is *you* and all data about *you*, your toots, your friends, your blocks, etc.

- nomadic authorization: this is when your instance vouches for your identity your behalf, giving a remote service access to your nomadic persona

for Pleroma, I intend to implement nomadic personas after the 1.0 release which we are trying to get out really soon now. nomadic authorization is also possible, but that's basically possible *today* in both mastodon and pleroma: the only thing that might be nice is OpenID Connect integration.

what if instead of a capitalist competition for breadcrumbs so a monopoly can steal your idea, what if this site was a collaborative project to automate all of our jobs to abolish wage slavery

i love how with cats you can hold your fist out like for a human fist-bump and they do it but with their head. its just really good

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