I have to relearn how to catch infinite recursions 👏 every 👏 time.

"The far-right People’s Convoy reportedly opened fire with live rounds at anti-fascist counter protesters today on I-205 freeway in Oregon. Independent journalist Alissa Azar confirmed that two shots were fired and that no counter protesters were injured." dailykos.com/stories/2022/4/29

It's not all about the views when I'm out walking.
I love looking for patterns and textures in the things I pass. Like this wooden fence 😊

I thought I'd start sharing more #petscii #PixelArt pieces with you, so I'll start with my take on Dürer's Rhinoceros.

CSDB link: csdb.dk/release/?id=195850

Sean M. Puckett is an artist who creates stylised and often abstract paintings using robots that draw with various kinds of pens (as in real life pens, not virtual simulations). You can follow at:

➡️ @smerp

You can purchase Puckett's works at plotterprints.ca

#SeanMPuckett #Art #Artists #Artist #Robots #Robot #Pens #Abstract #Drawings #Drawing #Plotter #Plotters

@neauoire Well, I’d say it’s a useful first step. When I made the move, I looked extensively through the list of instances and honestly couldn’t make any sense out of where I would want to be… so mastodon.Social was just the path of least resistance. Now I’m looking into setting up my own instance. Have patience… 😉

Why on god’s green earth do landlords go online and discuss ways to screw over tenants? This never, ever, ever goes well. cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswi

Got today's numbers! A 28,239 MAU increase in a single day. Now at 141K since Monday, and 176K since March. We've crossed over the 413K MAU mark on the Mastodon part of the fediverse!

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Cover illustration I created for issue 1.3 of khoreomag.com! I wanted this piece to be about the foundations that help keep us afloat as we enter new spaces and experience uncertainty.

#CreativeToots #MastoArt #illustration #art

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