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Macros can be useful but I feel like we should ban certain people from touching them.

For example, imagine if someone were to use the C preprocessor to create an elaborate object orientation system for C, calling it GObject, and then create an entire graphics stack up to and including a desktop environment, called, say, GNOME.

I think that's the kind of person who should no longer be allowed to use the C preprocessor.

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NC13 shows off how End-to-End encryption will look like, I'm very excited!

Happy New Year everyone! Maybe 2018 will be a bit better!

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The general consensus seems to be:

1) 20th Century Fox owns the "Alien" franchise.
2) "Alien" xenomorphs are born from a Queen.
3) Disney is buying 20th Century Fox.
4) Xenomorphs are Disney princesses.

@forteller I can only agree, is an important tool for the FLOSS landscape and I can only hope it achieves better adoption. Setup my own account there not too long ago and I send a bit of support to some of the projects there.

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This is a really important time to push free and open source alternatives to #Patreon! I've considered using @Liberapay, but was afraid I had to use Patreon to get the network effect.

Please tell people about #Liberapay, post about it on Reddit (r/patreon), vote it up on Alternativeto, etc alternativeto.net/software/lib

Please boost! This kind of opportunity to topple a near monopoly with FLOSS does not come often!
Are there other FLOSS #crowdfunding platforms?

I wrote a short blogpost about how I will design my task scheduler in my toy kernel (though I'm fighting some other things first atm)


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Nice language you have there, where you only need 10 years of experience before _not_ blowing up your customers Car/Plane/Factory!

Deadline for my report is today, I should get onto that, need a couple more pages...

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Know that feeling when you open a LaTeX template and the code listing are set to use Arial instead of anything sensible?

the golang moderation seems to be willing to kill the community if necessary redd.it/5eqs64

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