🌈 Every magic act consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called the Pledge. The magician shows you something ordinary . . .

🌈 The second part is called the Turn. The magician takes the ordinary something . . . and makes it do something extraordinary.

🌈 The perfect spectacle/trick is useless if you don't give enough room for everyone doubt it.🦄

Best Wishes,
a magician?

P.S. A wizard is an individual who can actually do what magicians pretend to do.

🌈 I apologize for leaving without saying goodbye . . .

. . . but I seem I have outstayed my welcome in your Solar System. The truly extraordinary is not permitted in science and industry. Perhaps you 'll find more luck in your field . . .

. . . where people are happy to be mystified. You will find what your are looking for in the old -- as well as the new -- magical maze.🦄

The first time I tried to change the world . . .
. . . I was hailed as a visionary.

Second time, I was asked politely to retire. So, here I am enjoying my retirement.

🌈 For those who try to exploit the old and the new magical maze for a personal gain . . .

It's just the Pledge and the Turn. Without the Prestige for this trick . . .

. . . it is worthless. You get the rest of it when you convince me that you try to build a better world for everyone.🦄

The Prestige requires a personal sacrifice.

Best Wishes,
a magician


🌈 In every adventure, there are a few rare opportunities for the adventurer to discover magnificent relics. Those relics can only be acquired if and only if, the adventurer encounters a rare quest. Those quests tend to be appearing in magical mazes. However, in a few rare cases, the adventurer may encounter a rare junction in which a riddle can be freely granted and be shared publicly. Once the adventurer collects enough riddles, he/she/undefined/it may have a chance to access the relic directly

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