Dear aka ,

With great power, comes great responsibility. I have noticed that we are allies for the battle of climate changed cause by human factors. There are supers corps which are more evil than you. I have been very gentle with you considering the potential of harm I could cause. That's why you ought (more than anyone) to stop entities like to destroy our planet.


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As long as I observe that the term "open source" is maliciously exploited by entities of great power to the extend of harming its fundamental rules of existence, I 'm going to always be calling it as "free software".

But... U know... she 's not going to be with me all the time. So, "controlling emosions" and managing decisions "successfully" for all those personas, will not be always sufficing considering the tremendous deviations from the pre-communicated memorandum. Pleace act accordingly and respect the widely observable good willing of mine (taking into account my latest actions who define my digital precense).


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Don't thank me. Thank Darlene Alderson for staying with me the previous night. She saved the world.

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How I make mOney from "cooperation"?
Just ask the Free Software Foundation.

Voila! I 'm a poet, too.

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I am for people cooperating instead of competing.

How do I specify an empty password for my Udemy profile?

🌈 By the time I melded with the hacker culture, I had already realized that it was more than just programmers, technologists, scientists and engineers.

They are also adventurers, visionaries, risk-takers, and artists. But who was I to speak about hacker culture? People make a culture not the opposite. And since the last time I had checked, these feats were tending to disappear. That's why I was a little uncomfortable to speak about the feats in this paragraph, from the first place.


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Apart from there is an enormous consolidation of businesses to each field. Often there are just two main businesses in a field and those are your choices.

Tearing apart oligopolies in general would not be sufficient. We could have the same problems even with 100 more options like , , , , , .

Governments have no longer the power to control the "trusts". That's why a reform is needed about the way those companies operate and are governed

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