I am thinking on implementing ticketing system for my office works.

Currently my team gets tasks from slack chat, email, phone from other teams.

Mine is a 2 member team now, doing all the works. Will expand in some 6 months.

Which system is good for a small team?

@tshrinivasan I use Nextcloud Deck does that count as ticket system?

@tshrinivasan I've used redmine for over ten years and it's v good.

@simon great.

I used redmine some 5 years ago.

Is it still developed actively?

Comparing osticket and redmine.

@tshrinivasan yes. the UI is largely the same, but development is ongoing.


1. Spiceworks
2. osTicket
3. FreshDesk

I personally tried osTicket a long ago. It worked just fine. I don't know about other two.

@tshrinivasan I have seen some people using a simple contact form upon submitting which creates an issue on gitlab. This is actually cool because you don't have to setup/maintain/switch to an additional application (if you're already using gitlab or any other forge with issues feature). You'll also get all the goodies of the issue system such as the options to assign tasks to specific members of the project, set a deadline, categorize using labels, email notifications, etc.

@tshrinivasan Well, no, the official issues form ( can only be used by signing in to gitlab. If you want to make it available for general public (outside gitlab), you will have to build a custom form using gitlab issues API ( and add it your website (assuming you already have one).

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