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idk who is gonna find me here but heres the deets about me:

-my name is don Or coyote
-im tranz (agender)
-chronically ill in like. every single way esp physical so im constantly online
-i love to draw

i forgot to wash an apple before eating it now im going to get e coli u_u

ate my artychoke and now i want another one u_u

i wanna try the fried artichoke style eventually

henry likes artichoke with mayo and i like them with butter/garlic. if anyone else eats them how do u prepare/serve them. i usually steam

its mascot bc i give this site to my family and most of them dont know what a furry is

I never posted the full painting of my current avatar here. Still like it a lot. Also orange-blue complement is so much fun to paint.
#krita #art #digitalArt #fox #snow #illustration #mastoArt #animal #creativeToots #painting

every time i work on my site i feel so accomplished even if its just changing wonky formatting. i finally learned how to add a favicon so now when you go to my site my tiny sona shows up on the tab. its awesome

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