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my cat is like me in that shes grumpy and picky with her food

our cat and henrys sisters cat are finally getting along and watching them play is so cute T_T i dont think meow mow had experience with cats other than fighting and shes so awkward

installed one of my favorite childhood games!! hoping to make some interesting photo albums for my site

aardwolves are one of my favorite animals but they are so underrated ;_;

their name is coyote bc it sounds cool but they surprisngly werent inspired by coyotes

does anyone else think about how baby kangaroos are born as like embryos with really strong arms

me as soon as i see my brother again: *pulls out usb stick* do u want to join the linux club

i want to start making videos maybe...? or like a podcast. i have a lot to say about a lot of things and im good at sounding smart

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