watch the strip out of the mass of the super black holes. warm today must have moved new england to the heart of the sun.

everybody does this heart tonight i don’t even know if it’s human great another password have to remember.

I'm just gonna say... Mastodon has a reccuring problem with white "woke" people using BIPOC as an excuse to harass other BIPOC.

new englanders eat so much ice cream, said a grocery store employee that was new to the area

i’m feeling good except for the chills and upset stomach, but those two things I think will go away “everything is temporary“ i’m trying to remain positive, thank you for asking

i guess i’m glad i got that off my trunk. just a lot of freestyle riffing while i wait for my tacos to be delivered. hey there we go, there’s privilege

guess i will just see whatever i want i mean say whatever i want. something else is soon going to have to make sense to me, it will be for too long trust me, i know what to do most of us have been here before, waiting for the game to start wondering how we will all be affected, two different americas arrogant white supremacists bum rushing and then ravaging the capital, and black americans. i’m not gonna edit this i guess, born out of an imperfect reading of the stars

let us loose on houses what channel the pursuing slots of grifts

why does the sun get so many fucking vacation days?

now i ’ll make a series of long-winded comments about what’s going on in the world

that i am determined.
what do the americans get?
what on earth? and the
rest follows that rule?
you don't know
how much i needed it.
you must go crazy.
it's the only in paris?
i'm a doctor. what did you say?
i think it's best this way.
you can go

i stayed an hour at work yesterday, on new year’s eve to do the animal chores with two friends that live on the farm. only one egg. so cold.

what time is lunch then /
he will ask about his hat, /
now my head, cheeseburger

green formica atop tan island, yellow sun after gray sky, eleven eggs collected

don’t remember the last time, i was in a building i don’t like, the color won’t remember, sugar is so dramatic, a clipping and a cliffhanger

saturday afternoon post in a photo verse. oh that sentence is a mistake.

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