Finally got back into making music. It doesn't sound great yet, but im happy I worked on it for 6 hours

why am I so homesick for a place that made me so miserable

The fact that there are so many who are pessimistic about our future makes me feel quite optimistic

Hunting bugs in other people's libraries...

DILF stands for DILF I’d Like to Fuck. Expanding each consecutive DILF opens another instance of DILF I’d Like to Fuck — infinitely, a never-ending sequence of drop-down tabs leading you deeper and deeper into the abyss. You click again and again hoping finally to reveal the meaning of DILF, but each time you’re met with yet another mystery. The longer the chain, the darker your room grows. You click and click and click but find no respite. You feel yourself descending into the black nether,

Obsessed about obsessing about obsessing about

@Torie Sending you all the hugs for no reason at all because you are totally fine.

Im a hatperson. I just haven't found my hat yet.

Who is the person who enjoys it when Netflix starts playing whatever it is they're hovering over for longer than three seconds, find them and bring them to me, I just want to talk

If I don't comment, Im mean as Im being indifferent. If I say whats on my mind, which is often critical and judgemental, then Im mean. If I say something else, then Im being dishonest.

How can you live with being mean and obnoxious?

You’ve heard of sapiosexual now get ready for tautosexual: only attracted to people they find attractive

"oh i'll just use this stream of ions to obliterate a path through that metal"

What year did you first get the internet?

When you're scrolled down, new items at the top are now hidden behind "x new items" (regardless of "slow mode" setting). The benefit is less scrolling glitches.

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