@freedombox After the dot com era of 1997-2001 a consensus emerged that "nobody will pay for web services". It was out of this consensus that the web 2.0 systems like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail were born.

Web 2.0 introduced a critical "moral hazard" in which the user of the web service was no longer the customer. They were merely bait for the real customers who were advertisers. This separation is the source of many of the problems of the current internet.

By making web services something which individuals or communities can run we can bring the interests back into line again and make advertising something not needed or which is peripheral rather than being the main concern.

So a heating pipe my house just fell off. I would blame Trump, but this thing was built during Obama's time.

@skynebula "We also found that some apps routinely send Facebook data that is incredibly detailed and sometimes sensitive. Again, this concerns data of people who are either logged out of Facebook or who do not have a Facebook account. ... "KAYAK", which sends detailed information about peopleโ€™s flight searches to Facebook, including: departure city, departure airport, departure date, arrival city, arrival airport, arrival date, number of tickets (including number of children), class of ticket."

I must survive long enough to find a reason to survive.

"And the sun is the same in a relative way but you're older"

Sometimes I think those are the only meaningful lyrics ever written

Please be advised:

Your voice and appearance may be recorded while you are visiting the Apple Store today. By entering, you are granting Apple Inc. and its partners permission to use your recorded likeness in all media, in perpetuity.

Thank you.


You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

I'm interested in looking at using blockchain technologies to host a Mastodon instance. Anyone know of similar current projects?

Took me 2 hours to get network on my Ubuntu server. is fun. God bless those that network with assembly code.

I wonder if aliens would be able to tell artificial objects from nature.


on the one hand, I absolutely have to start making better financial decisions for myself. on the other hand,

Is anyone looking into or can direct me to people looking into implementing a blockchain Mastodon instance?

these days when i drink 1 coffee it brings me up to feeling like i've had 0 coffees

This is somewhat similar to this human analogue. Is it immoral to enslave someone for which being a slave is the only pleasurable task? 2/2

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