There's a lot of shilling for cryptoart isn't there. I legit just saw someone say "it's the most direct way to support artists without a middleman". Bro just paypal them money

@jk Jimi hendrix apparently used to do that all the time. He bends the strings or tune it to fix it

The left responds to how they think the right thinks from how the right responds to how they think the left thinks

@jk Except whats infront of you, you need to install a third eye

if youve got two eyes, you can connect a telescope to one eye, and a microscope to the other. and now you can see Everything

god im so bad at recognising my own emotions. had a sad therapy session earlier, then i felt sad all day, and i had *no clue* why. didn't even occur to me the two might be related

Racial differences point to inequality, but lack of differences isnt any indication that it's fairer.

UBI will become a thing when the rich realize that it is ultimately cheaper in the long run.

I dont know what illusions of grandeur is but im pretty sure id be good at it too

Im not trying to start a thing I jist want some of that hashtag money

1. Open source software that have Pro in their name.
2. Thinking that random means arbitrary.

Im tired of rhetoric. I want ugly unsweetened reason

Everyones a layman in most things, and its easier for laymen to agree on rhetoric than on logic

Trump might try to hold on to power and become a tyrant. Its a good test of the reliability of the governement. If he succeeds, it will probably suck, but the whole system would need to be overhauled anyway and so a riot is desirable

The US elections is a disaster movie with .3 million victims and 3 billion unique viewers

The US election is a marketing campaign between two corporations and some independents

Trump win: we get another/4 years of Trump anxiety, bad jokes and obnoxious MAGA's. Trump might fuck the/country up.

Biden win: Bideners will blame Trump for Biden's shortcomings. Biden wont fuck the country up because he wont change anything

What if, social media didnt make us crazy. It just made our craziness more efficient

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