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I hope whoever pisses off more people wins. The elections wont make any difference in most people's lives

What if, in the same person, the observering consciousness is different from the consiousness that has free will? Is justice punishing an observer that had no hand in 'their' crime?

Brain implants improve pattern recognition.
Many more chords and deeper music.
For a day

Consider that for many rich enough individuals, it is not worth it to revolt. Either the punishment is too high or at best its counterproductive. For many of the poor, revolt is often/worthwhile, and sometimes necessary. Theres a breakevn point somewhere in the income range.

One may suggest that a wprking economic system is one for which working with the system is the best possible strategy. An easy criticism of this, however, is that raising the cost of punishment will do the same thing as improving the standard of living.

When is revolt okay is not the right question. The right question is whether revolting is worthwhile given my current state and the punishment revolting carries. If its worth it, then the system is not working well for me.

Everytime I write ξ it looks like a weird cross between zeta and epsilon, and so can be mistaken for any of the three.

Why does originality matter? Even if you were the only one to think of something, given enough time someone else will think it.

Once nice technology is.there, anarchy might make a more efficient and powerful government, pushing out central governments out of the competition.

Anarchy is possible once communication technology can replace the need for government

Hep C risk pops. So, 'disruption of connection to land' causes 'intergenerational trauma' that causes risky behavior (?) that increases Hep C risk in Indigineous peoples, and that somehow means that they need an Indigineous treatment? I hope theres evidence for that

Minimally bad song: a bad song where removing any note produces a worse song. Theorem: the only nontrivial minimally bad song is Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight.

My lyrics suck when im high
But sober I cannot write

You judge too much to allow any original thought

There's a big difference between a Trump loving pussy and a Trump-loving pussy

Its possible for a joke to be ao funny that it becomes Im funny. I think thats whats putting people off

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