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why are there so many server-based RSS readers? :thonking:

Openstreetmap is reaching the point that it is just more information rich and beautiful than google maps and that is awesome

New icons for PixelStyle icon pack. #pixelart #android

- Aurora Store
- Binaural Beats
- Calculator 2
- Share to Clipboard
- Flood game
- P!n
- FmRadio/RadioDroid
- Syncthing
- Subway Tooter
- Blockinger (Tetris)
- Tinder
- Twidere
- Vector Camera
- Mail
- TouchPal

I made a short blog post about my adventure in creating an icon pack for Lawnchair/Android.
It's the first time a post about design stuff.

I'm very enthusiastic about Japanese software. :smiling_ai:
So I was trying to create something using the phinajs game framework.
I made a port of my simple godot-pong-ex.

#gamedev #javascript #phinajs

Honestly there is never going to be a meme that's funnier to me than this one

【Pixel Style Update】
I'm releasing an update with UI changes and new icons.

- All Simple Mobile Tools (orange only)
- LTE Cleaner
- Footguy
- Some built-in apps (Browser, Clock, Contacts and MX Player)

Note: There are some placeholder icons yet, so I'm deploying only a debug apk for now.


GDScript Playground

GDScript Playground is back with a new UI and lots of improvements.
Only blocking-code is working yet² (no Timer, _process etc).
More script examples will eventually be added.

#gamedev #godotengine #gdscript

I will boycott not only Google but any non-free software in all SNS I'm active.

Google a supprimé #KDEConnect du playstore parce que l'appli violerait leurs nouvelles règles relatives aux SMS, et parce qu'ils ont également supprimé l'exception dont elle bénéficiait...

Bref, utilisez #FDroid si vous voulez une version complète de KDE Connect.

Le playstore ne proposera plus qu'une version bridée.


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