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Last week one of my art teachers suggested I 'dial down the feminism.' Today I showed him my newest piece:

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where's the LinkedIn setting for "not REALLY looking for new work, and especially not interested in your >40hr/wk VC startup, but <=32hr/wk, preferably non-VC-backed, roles, holler"?

like if I'm gonna get this much InMail I may as well at least be interested in.... any of it?

to some degree I guess this is what recruiters talk about when they say "even folks who aren't looking have a price". I do have a price! it's just not a price much of the tech industry can fulfill from what I can tell

environmental impact of container tech 

I haven't seen anyone seriously study the environmental impact of continuous integration and the redundant steps of containerised workflows. like, it feels pretty likely that it's at least a nontrivial impact.

the standard in tech nowadays is to download and build everything from scratch when you make a change, such that even a small non-code change can result in upwards of an hour of computing work.

like, for example, at work we use Circle CI, and the standard plugin (Circle calls them Orbs) for Node.js will manually download and extract a copy of Node every single time a container is launched. this makes them all prone to supply-side attacks, requires huge infra on the servers that host the Node builds that also cannot go down without impacting code changes made by loads of people, but is extremely wasteful and probably has a measurable carbon footprint.

I personally don't have the ability at my current job to properly examine and fix this waste, but I hope that at least someone in tech seriously takes a look and figures out a way to at least improve things. at minimum, I feel like open-source projects not bound by deadlines and profit margins should try and reduce waste in their CI pipelines.

Hoy vamos a jugar a saltarnos bloqueos de internet sin conocimientos y con algo de conocimientos

Como ejemplo se va a usar el proyecto que se lo merece

Card-a-mon, the web-based editor, is looking for a new maintainer. The UI is a bit clunky but I thought it was a pretty nice way to get decent cards and export them to PDF (even double-sided cards!).

I don't think I have time to _lead_ the project, but I can probably help, and I can coordinate the "takeover" and maybe even pay for hosting if there is enough interest.

Anyone willing to help?

#dev #cards #prototyping #webdev #projects

"Drowning in tech. Visualizing Our Addiction to Electronics" vol ajudar a visualitzar la gran quantitat d’ordinadors, telèfons mòbils i altres productes electrònics que llencem segons les dades de l’informe Global E-waste Monitor 2020

birds from today's #art stream :) the 2 top ones are still available for claiming!

Por si queréis la opinión de una psicóloga: no me acerco ni con un palo a la terapia gestalt.
Es una mezcla de estafa piramidal y pseudoterapia:

pronouns? no, i use prognouns. they're all spoken in 15/16 time

99,2% de todas las muertes por COVID19 en EEUU son de no vacunados

99.2 Percent of All U.S. Covid Deaths Are Unvaccinated, New Analysis Shows

If you’re pushing anti-vax bullshit, you’re getting people killed


Don't know about you, but I'm gonna keep wearing a mask when in the presence of others, not so much for my own safety, but for the unvaccinated and immunocompromised.

This is very ingeresting:

A new partnership to promote fairer phones, including the FOSS @efoundation operating system, @Fairphone and coop service providers

News article: fairphone.com/en/2021/05/31/fa

Website: fairtec.io/en/

#fairtech #humanrights #cooperative #fairphone

This morning I released a new version of RoboHydra, my tool to play around and fiddle with HTTP and WebSocket _responses_. It's useful to test API clients (including mobile apps), help setup frontend-focused development environments, and more:

It doesn't really have any changes, just a small security update, and I don't expect to actively work on it for the time being, but it might be useful for someone.

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