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We're officially announcing our partnership with St. Louis Approves to bring approval voting to the 300,000 residents of St. Louis! We are thrilled to work with this grassroots organization who is striving to strengthen democracy in their city. loom.ly/XstQCfk

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Strong showing by Rodeo Pig and Racing Pig, but somehow Joe Biden is still projected to win.

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As advocates, we should focus on educating those who have never heard of our field 100 times more than we spend debating the people already in our field. Find the 10,000.

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@Cor3ntin@twitter.com @dascandy42@twitter.com @ubsanitizer@twitter.com @blelbach@twitter.com I guess it is a very abstract abstract.

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Jumped at the chance to chat with @rebellionpod@twitter.com hosts about , spreading liberty, and all things @LPGeorgia@twitter.com.


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I found this database out here just sitting on top of this metal pole. You shouldn't store your database where it could be rained on! Most database software is not water resistant!

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We have a completed signature form for our campaign to bring Approval Voting to Olympia, Washington! Let us know if you'd like to help collect signatures.

Victory! Court orders FBI to disclose names of companies that have received NSL termination notices.

Most Californians face a monopoly for high-speed broadband access. If we stop this fast-moving bill, California could instead choose to let state and local governments create policies to eliminate local monopolies. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/05/dont

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Guess who made it work?! 😎
@Graham4GA@twitter.com in studio Saturday.

Any questions for the Chairman of the Georgia Party? twitter.com/graham4ga/status/1

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How to limit in :
❌Court Fees
❌Deposition Fees
❌Filing Fees

How to Choice
✅Help fund our Ballot Access Lawsuit

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We spent more money bombing Afghanistan and Syria in 2018 than we spent on highways/roads in the US...

So, every time you ask Libertarians “Who will build the roads?”

All we hear is “Who will bomb people all over the world?”

I have significant disagreements with her, but:
A) Not all issues are equal. When it comes to Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, one particular issue is overwhelmingly important.
B) Perfection isn't on the ballot. We're grading on a curve here.
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Are you a Libertarian/Republican/Independent who likes Tulsi? You’re not alone!

If you live in a closed or semi-closed primary state, you may need t…

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And to wrap this up: if you “cancel” someone based on the views they were raised with, the views they have since thrown away, and have learned from, and now fight hard for equal rights…

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Giving away 5 more of these official @CrimeADay@twitter.com stamps. RT before Friday 5/10 at noon EST to enter and don't forget to preorder a copy of my book, HOW TO BECOME A FEDERAL CRIMINAL, here: amzn.to/2YRlWkw

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My prayers go out to this family. Our leaders are so wrapped up in there parties agenda to the point we don't take care of the things at home we can possibly control. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNTIED STATES .Need these 2Parties to take there head out there ass . And focus twitter.com/beinlibertarian/st

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Well will you look at that, it's still true.

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There is no free speech and free press in China, the world largest authoritarian government. Making dissidents disappearing is their speciality.
On World Press Freedom Day, China must account for disappeared photojournalist Lu Guang hongkongfp.com/2019/05/03/worl via @HongKongFP@twitter.com

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