How much can you be expected to pay for something you may not even want?

Thanks to everyone who came to the campaign event this past weekend.

To those who did not attend, there’s new T-shirts! You missed out on your chance to be the first on your block to have one, and on a much more lovely Turpish, my wife Catherine, modelling one.

But you can still get one! I’m giving one to everyone who donates $50 or more (so make sure the address you enter on the form is one you can actually receive packages at).

There’s also stickers with a

Who votes?

Voters go to the polls today. While it’s not a real election, it’s an internal matter of some private clubs, it brings to mind something that’s been sticking with me. As I go to various festivals and community events and meet a Georgians of all walks of life, one of the most common responses I get is: “I can’t vote.”

Now, if that’s you, please don’t let it hold you back. Your vote is not the only way you can participate, and...

Thanks to the many partner organizations who hosted this event, and to all the folks who came out! It's great to get an opportunity to discuss important issues.

Plant Vogtle

People on the right oppose Plant Vogtle.

People on the left oppose Plant Vogtle.

Religious people oppose Plant Vogtle.

Environmentalists oppose Plant Vogtle.

Other Libertarians oppose Plant Vogtle.

And yet construction continues. And you continue paying for it, without any say in the matter and without getting anything in return. Because those who profit from it, notably including Georgia Power, support it. And the Commissioners they donate to suppor

What do the following states have in common: Connecticut; Delaware; Illinois; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Texas; and Virginia?

In what way do all those states put Georgia to shame?


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