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The Democrats first debate will look like the TSA line in Atlanta.

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What I am learning from the (very polite) responses to my c++ rvalue references thread is that almost no c++ programmers are *totally* sure how C++ works, and the ones which are entirely confident seem to be mostly the ones who are also demonstrably wrong about it

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I’m sympathetic to the plight of the Kurds, but let’s not kid ourselves — the DC foreign policy establishment doesn’t care about them anymore than they do the millions of innocent people in Yemen, Iraq & Libya who have died in their never-ending war-making.

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Note to liberals who now support military force in Syria because of the Kurds or Russia or Iran or Turkey or humanitarian reasons: NONE OF THOSE WAR ACTIONS WERE AUTHORIZED BY CONGRESS. Only authorized use of force was to go after terrorists. @POTUS is right to withdraw troops.

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I just don’t think we need to be in the Middle East for the rest of our country’s history. If that makes me an idiot hippie, then give me a flower crown.

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Happiness hack: Leave the World Poverty Clock open in your browser to watch these little loderunner stick figures escape extreme poverty all day long worldpoverty.io/index.html

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@hops68@twitter.com No, they both support a dysfunctional process. Limits need to comply with the Constitution. More important would be to change laws, like straight-ticket voting and unequal ballot access, that prevent competition.

Tip for personal branding: try not to get a photo of you accepting money from bloodthirsty war profiteers for your youth indoctrination center into the media.
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Here's a report on the school board meeting, by @RebeccaGaunt

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This is why Libertarians hate the government. Our government can not be honest with us over war . They have to sneak it into the farm bill . American farmers are now a tool of the military industrial complex . reason.com/blog/2018/12/12/yem

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.@sendavidperdue@twitter.com @SenatorIsakson@twitter.com @POTUS@twitter.com @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com @SecPompeo@twitter.com @nikkihaley@twitter.com Ladies and Gentlemen: Please stop the killing in . @Lpnational @LPGeorgia twitter.com/AishaJumaan/status

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Frosty the Snowman is a story about how running from the cops can be a magical experience.

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Episode Seven is live! We explore the origins and historical explanation for the free speech cliche "you can't shout fire in a crowded theater," and link it to war paranoia and tragedy. legaltalknetwork.com/podcasts/

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The Atlanta Press Club (APC) feels the need to respond to several inaccurate statements made by the Brad Raffensperger campaign in regard to the Atlanta Press Club runoff debate for Secretary of State.

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For , @Kiva@twitter.com is giving a $25 credit with a loan of $50. This is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in someones world through micro-lending. The best part is, once the money is paid back, you get to loan it out all over again!


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The PSC debate should be interesting considering today’s news. But no one will be watching 😩😩😩 twitter.com/atlpressclub/statu

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Check the window. Pigs may be flying: Debbie Dooley is voting for a Democrat. twitter.com/crimsontider/statu

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Happening today! for the two very important positions in next Tuesday's runoff election. FYI, Republican SoS candidate Brad Raffensperger will be unable to participate. twitter.com/atlpressclub/statu

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Happening NOW! PSC District 3 @atlpressclub@twitter.com debate b/t @chuckeatonga@twitter.com & @miller4georgia@twitter.com. Watch it here: facebook.com/TheAtlantaPressCl

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