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(2/2) We're deleting campaign social media over the next few days.We will continue to work towards a more just and equitable society. For those interested in supporting the cause, please consider becoming a member of the Libertarian party.

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Reaction from a Republican challenger for one of the PSC seats this year twitter.com/johnhitchins3/stat

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Today, Governor Deal appointed Rep. Jason Shaw to the Georgia Public Service Commission to take the seat currently held by Doug Everett.

He's yet another regulator who is cozy with Southern Company and regulated entities like AT&T.

A short thread. 1/

Also, his: "Extreme opinions are rarely correct." is hilarious as he's for sure thinking of making a mic drop statement, without realizing that he's talking about freedom here, which is one of these rare cases, where one should have as 'extreme' a position as possible, without infringing on other people's freedoms.

"As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty: a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and are not forced to sacrifice their values for the benefit of others." - @LPNational@twitter.com platform

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Incoming Public Service Commissioner. This is the second one Gov. Deal has chosen this year.

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Tune into the General Election Runoff debate for Public Service Commission, District 3 at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 27. The debate will stream live via the Atlanta Press Club Facebook.

Can you imagine saying something like this in public, even if you don't call yourself a journalist?
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1/ In less than 24 hours this tweet got more than 4k replies. I don't read them and I assume the majority are pro @nra Russian bots. Thanks for stepping up comrades! Ready to be checked by @SecureDemocracy @robhatlabs

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Proud to be featured alongside impressive Atlanta philanthropists in this special edition of @atlantamagazine for its’ challenge. Join me and help make a difference in Atlanta’s nonprofit community by donating today: giveatlanta.funraise.org/

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Big shoutout to Representative @DarshunKendrick@twitter.com for helping us craft meaningful ballot access reform down at the Capitol today!

In case you haven’t heard my interview on “Seldom Said” w/ Robert Amato youtu.be/w279a6uoQso #amliberty

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They are literally airing the Secretary of State debate on GPB, but not the Public Service Commission debate. Voters deserve to know ALL of the issues on their ballots come December(or whenever this ends up happening).

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Tune into the General Election Runoff debates for Public Service Commission, District 3 at 10:00 a.m. and Secretary of State at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 27. The debates will stream live via the Atlanta Press Club Facebook.

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If you are a past member of the Libertarian party of Georgia what can I do to get you active again ?
We need new blood and old blood .
If you are not interested I understand trying keep this post on the positive ..thanks

Perhaps the most positive news out of Tuesday's vote is Fargo serving as an example for the rest of the country that we don't have to use the worst voting system available.

The end, for now.


96,680 people Georgians voted for me. For comparison, that’s more than the population of Sandy Springs, Macon, or Albany. If you are one of these people, thank you.

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The race in Georgia for SoS looks headed for a runoff.

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There will be no Third Party candidate for Congress. Hasn't been one since 1943 when GA ballot access laws were put in place. Over 20,000 signatures are required in most Cong. races. ☆☆ If there's voter suppression, that's it ☆☆ twitter.com/bluestein/status/1

The implication is Abrams voters don't really care and won't bother showing up for a runoff. Seriously, that's the argument. And it's BS.
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Election updates: Why a Georgia runoff could be bad news for Democrats politics.myajc.com/blog/politi

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Meris also found a @tedmetz@twitter.com supporter. “I’m the oddball,” quipped 51-year-old Vincent King. “I think we need a third party and we need to work toward that."

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