We love open source so much, we have built our own captcha - instead of just using Google's! 💪😍 Check here why this is so important:

@Tutanota wait, your own? correct me if im wrong but its same thing invidious using and i thought it just another foss app (like not you who made it)

@esmailelbob @Tutanota and besides why make your 'own' if there are other (better) solutions? Reverse Captcha, or SQRL (Secure, Quick, Reliable, Login; a great **single factor** login)?

@RyuKurisu @Tutanota nope i just want to ask this type of captcha who is the owner of it 😂 (thats all of my question)

@Tutanota Nice idea, but I wonder if it also works for people visually impaired.

@carl @Tutanota And people that, well, simply can't read analog clocks. I know they exist (unfortunately).

Question : How do visually impaired people solve Google Captchas at the moment? Isn't that a similar problem?

@KopfKrieg @Tutanota There is a fallback with audio, this is still not great for them but at least it exists.


Merci... cela fessait déjà un moment que je voulais intégrer un captcha sur mes pages, reste à voir si avec mes connaissances limitées j'y parviendrai !!


17 40
И какой верный??

@pin240 Там указан формат: hh:mm. Верным будет 17:40

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