Is President Preparing To Leave The ?

[Oh.. oh ...]
In new revelations ahead of crunch talks next week, it appears that may be preparing to break its Paris climate commitments.
At the meetings being hosted in on Monday, the future of the world’s sixth largest polluter - global and its 1 billion tons of each year - were to be finalized. President Macron and ..


... France have appeared to change their stance and are taking a position of no emission enforcement until 2030, which will blow the world through its global carbon budget.

That would be extremely bad news... however I could not manage to understand where the information is supposed to come from: they always link the same article and I just don't see the information there...


Yes, i hope its a false information , too. I posted because the article was in Forbes, and as I knew it is a more trustworthy media.
On the other side: Which (western) country is doing necessary action to reach the Paris Agreement...?

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