We're living in a new great depression, papered over by technology and fraudulent "news" catering exclusively to the 1%.

Combine it with housing crises, global capitalism, and ecological genocide and... the coming several decades are going to be very rough indeed.

Please prepare yourselves friends. I can't tell you how best to do that, but things will continue to backslide for the foreseeable future.

Guess how much is trying to charge me per month for fucking internet? 160 bucks.

Fuck Comcast, "Xfinity" vulture capitalist scum for twisting the arm of working class people who have literally NO choice but deal with their fucked up capitalist extortion.

🖕😶🖕 fuck you comcast leeches.

The working class and poor are really supposed to stress about taxes when millionaires and billionaires barely even have to fret about the IRS?

Fuck that.

Don't let capitalist concerns throw you off, fam. The rich lie, cheat, steal, exploit, and defraud on a daily basis. Don't force yourself to play by a set of rules the owner class ain't following.

No bosses, no banks, no billionaires.🏴

A reminder that we don't debate fascists.

Just like we never trust a kop and never snitch to nazi organizations such as ICE - fascists are not here for us. They are never speaking in good faith.

Fascists value violence, coercion and greed. They do not value humanity, especially that of the "out-group", the poor, and the oppressed. They don't value your words or ideas. They never will.

Pay us no respect, and receive none in return.

We don't debate fascists.

Believe it or not, Tr_mp is still serving his intended ends for the ruling class. He keeps the peasants divided and distracted. We spend all our energy reacting to a sundowning old bigot rather than organizing and fighting back against the capitalist owner class.

Don't vote. Disregard electoral politics. Cl@ss war forever.

Fam, my posts are all private now - if you wanna be in touch with Portland's self-appointed antifa mayor tw34k, give me a follow.

I'll approve anyone but kops, TERFs, nationalists, or other fascists.

RT @NYCAntifa@twitter.com

As Patty would say, “Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people.” twitter.com/wrkclasshistory/st

🐦🔗: twitter.com/NYCAntifa/status/1

I'm still alive fam, I'm sorry to no longer be able to mouth off on Tw_tter for the comrades that enjoyed my obnoxious ranting.

But the🏴 antifa🏴 mayor🏴 is out here still, staying active and getting up to direct action against the state and capitalist interests every day.

161 represent.↙️↙️↙️

Vegans represent.🌱🌱🌱

Anarchists represent. 🏴🏴🏴

Well my Twitter finally got nuked for good. But it's okay cause fuck that depressing miserable hellsite.

PS: Death to fascists

Capitalism makes wage slaves of us all.

Our labor and lives are stolen and exploited to the maximum every day we grind on in the sociopathic capitalist system.

Fight back.

Today in: Shit white women on Tw_tter say....

Alyssa, stop talking. You ain't helping.

🏴Reminder that capitalism and fascism can not be separated. They are different only in tone.

Capitalism has a marginally friendlier face and gives people the illusion of "freedom" and "choice".

Fascism is just the ugly, sociopathic, violent nature of capitalism showing its face in a crisis.

If you are anti fascist, you must be anti capitalist. It's not even a discussion.🏴

Looks like some fascist losers have stumbled onto mastodon. An Italian fascist no less!

Someone tell this useless fascist scum what happened to the Italian fascists in WWII. Got stomped everywhere they went, then Mussolini and his thugs got strung up.

Shoo! Away, fascist scum! 🏴

Lol fuuuuuuuuuck off birdsite, you fascist cowards. JFC. What a dystopian time to be alive.


To all my friends and comrades, esp those struggling with depression & suicidal ideation, I love you troubled troublemakers. Please reach out if you want to talk.

You aren't alone.

Your feelings are valid.

You are more loved and appreciated than you realize.



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