Please help out a dear friend and c0mrade who does amazing work and is battling breast cancer.🏴🏴

Carly is amazing and deserves any support we can kick in ! 🏴🏴

German ship captain Pia Klemp posted this after being offered a "medal" from the Parisian mayor for her "humanitarian work" saving migrants in the Mediterranean.

She is facing decades in prison for the crime of saving migrants from drowning or other abject death at sea.

This is the kind of selfless heroism needed in the word. She's so true to her beliefs she won't even accept the medal from a representative of a repressive colonial government.

with Pia Klemp.🏴🏴

Anti-fa$cism is:

* Feeding & housing homeless folx unconditionally.
* Arming migrants & trans people.
* Anti-gentrifier aktion, graffiti, creating autonomous spaces.
* Amplifying the voices of black & brown people and disabled folx.
* Defending your community from nationalists, fa$cists, & bullies.
* Shining a light on fa$cist p0lice and other reactionary thugs.

What we do on the streets echoes through society. 🏴

What we do in our lives echoes through eternity. 🏴

No human has a right to place their hands on me or make decisions about my life without my consent.


There are no exceptions to this rule.

We don't have time for your economics. We aren't here to "debate" you or convince you that the nightmare hellscape we're facing is real and urgent.
Hope is not lost, but whatever we can salvage now will come from radical LOCAL aktion and organizing. The st@te will not save us. The corporate overlords and owner class will not save us.
We are all that's left, friends and c0mrades. We are the last line of defense.
See you all in the streets. 🏴🔥✊


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Younger generations are facing down global mass extinction, food & water crises, and refugee catastrophes the planet has never seen.
Fa$cism and nationalism are making their grand finale as the b1llionaire class and c0rporate overlords raise the drawbridges and cut off access to healthcare, food, and internet for the poor & working class.
Social media, print, and television are extremely restricted & increasingly expensive.


Climate crisis 

The arctic is on fire.

The arctic is on fire.

The arctic is on fire.

The arctic is on fire.

Huge portions of Siberia and elsewhere above the arctic circle are burning right now.

Climate change is real, it's a crisis, it WILL directly affect every human on Earth in coming years and decades. Forget about our co-opted and useless corporate capitalist politics.

This is a crisis.

June 2019 was the hottest month in history.

Read that again.

We just had the hottest month of global temperature in recorded history.

Absolute king.

On July 1, 1943 Willem was executed by Nazis for bombing a Dutch public records office preventing the nazis from identifying a huge number of Dutch Jews.

His last words were "Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards."

Eternal love and respect. 🖤🏴🗡

In my smug liberal state of Oregon, Republicans use terrorism, extrajudicial tactics, and paramilitary militias to stonewall even basic, commonsense "tax reform" style climate legislation.🏴

You want to know why we say liberalism is a scam? This. Liberal governance is a paper tiger. Toothless and hollow, it collapses under the slightest resistance. 🏴

THIS is why we say don't vote. Arm yourselves and ORGANIZE. 🏴










We're living in a new great depression, papered over by technology and fraudulent "news" catering exclusively to the 1%.

Combine it with housing crises, global capitalism, and ecological genocide and... the coming several decades are going to be very rough indeed.

Please prepare yourselves friends. I can't tell you how best to do that, but things will continue to backslide for the foreseeable future.

Guess how much is trying to charge me per month for fucking internet? 160 bucks.

Fuck Comcast, "Xfinity" vulture capitalist scum for twisting the arm of working class people who have literally NO choice but deal with their fucked up capitalist extortion.

🖕😶🖕 fuck you comcast leeches.

The working class and poor are really supposed to stress about taxes when millionaires and billionaires barely even have to fret about the IRS?

Fuck that.

Don't let capitalist concerns throw you off, fam. The rich lie, cheat, steal, exploit, and defraud on a daily basis. Don't force yourself to play by a set of rules the owner class ain't following.

No bosses, no banks, no billionaires.🏴

A reminder that we don't debate fascists.

Just like we never trust a kop and never snitch to nazi organizations such as ICE - fascists are not here for us. They are never speaking in good faith.

Fascists value violence, coercion and greed. They do not value humanity, especially that of the "out-group", the poor, and the oppressed. They don't value your words or ideas. They never will.

Pay us no respect, and receive none in return.

We don't debate fascists.

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