You ever hear one of those songs and you just have a huge worry about the artists mental state and if it's just art.

My favourite genre of photo is journalists at major sporting events inadvertently posting the wifi network and password for the media internet. If anyone happens to be at the Gabba in Brisbane today and looking to not be stuck on 4G, here’s the details for there.

selfie, right down the lens eye contact, beardo Show more

selfie, right down the lens eye contact, beardo Show more

If you are using a third party to assess your potential employees and do your hiring, chances are your company is shit at what it does. I've not found any evidence this claim is false.

Fucking hate "If X and Y is Z, and B is A. When does Y arrive at work?" job interview assessments. Fucks sake why not just base your hiring on a sudoku puzzle.

Right now we are entering into a primary campaign. Sex workers are constituents, we work, we pay taxes. And we deal with danger and stigma at huge levels. We deserve to be engaged with in good faith and not hand-waved away as Russian bots. We deserve real answers from Harris.


They moved it to here:

I really like the comment someone made about Chrome no longer being a "user agent" if Google exerts this much control over what it can do.

"Yeah uh, we want to ask you some questions to process your application further, can you like, leave your house unlocked for us?"

FFS Third party fucking assessment companies with their fucking shitty pop ups and flash requirements. Another job I can't apply for.

Broke: Advertising things specifically for men

Woke: Advertising things specifically for fennecs

MFW I make a post and more than 1 person interacts with it.

presenting: bop it for furries


It's 39C and I can hear thunder. That's such bad juju.

Trying to get slightly off brand BT controllers working on retropie might be a fools errand.

Had to buy some cornflakes for cooking so now I'm having my first bowl of cornflakes in probably 20 years.

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