Mastodon is so much better than Twitter because it’s decentralised and you can join any of the countless instances.

*All of Twitter joins*

@damonism can you “unjoin” an instance and join another instance instead?

@firstdogonthemoon @damonism I believe so, yes. It's an export/import process but they're working on a more direct port thing.

@jpwarren @firstdogonthemoon @damonism I'm not entirely sure it should be more direct than the current situation tbf. Instance hopping is probably bad juju.

@twiddlekins @firstdogonthemoon @damonism Yeah, there would be issues with account hijack and forcing people to follow accounts and whatnot. Better to just get people to refollow you and take the hit.

@jpwarren @twiddlekins @damonism the main (only) issue for me is am i on the cool best and interesting national treasure instance

@firstdogonthemoon @twiddlekins @damonism Well you're the national treasure so wherever you are is the cool one, no?

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