the quality looks like it was recorded from an analogue TV broadcast, recorded onto a VHS set to SLP, transferred to another VHS, and then ripped to a DivX file

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okay so it's one of these, which was replaced in 1993 by the banjo patterson/windmill one

round the twist is a very old show

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meanwhile in the non-rabbit related parts of the episode (who cares), an ethical dilemma emerges as a girl argues with her clone about who should be the one to be "reversed" from existence

round the twist is something else

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me and my various alt accounts trying to fix my overloaded server while others look on in confusion

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have you ever
ever felt like this
'cus strange things happen
when you're tooting round the twist

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Round the Twist is notable for having pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable for children's television, to the extent that the Australian Children's Television Foundation had difficulty finding a distributor for it: according to the ACTF's marketing Manager Jenny Buckland, "the scripts were declared 'too rude', 'not for television' and 'outrageous'".

you can say that again

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@lynnesbian a lot of productions back then were dark. Ellie and Jools had a dead girl down a well. Mirror Mirror had toxic was sprayed on kids. The Miraculous Mellops straight up had a corny bunch of aliens that fuckin ate people.

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@lynnesbian Literal pissing competitions in Round The Twist.

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