Could eat off of 'em but please don't, it will drop the efficiency of that string. Gimme the watts bb.

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@virtualwolf oh they've been up there a while! Just had em washed today. Can't even remember what brand the panels are lol. I think they're trinas, the inverter is a zeversolar unit and they don't even exist as a company anymore heh.

@virtualwolf thinking hard about doing a drop in swap of the inverter with one of these in the next couple of years

@virtualwolf we produce like ~4x the power we use even in winter and not having a battery just means we have to buy it all back at night :P

@twiddlekins Haha yeah totally. We love the shit out of our Powerwall.

@virtualwolf they're excellent units and if they were made by any other company I would probably have them on my list of options!

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