Realised something was missing from the first photo


Beer and ladders is a winning combination.


*punches imaginary punch card* quittin time

Could eat off of 'em but please don't, it will drop the efficiency of that string. Gimme the watts bb.

Alcohol tgif 

This is a punch in the teeth. 100% hop and somehow 100% malt. Some syrupy notes beginning to come in on the other nine percent.


Supporting local. I thought I'd have to go up to Mitta to get them but of course the coffee roaster has them in! Which was handy because I needed more coffee. Oh my god it's Buzz Beer made real! (though a lot better I imagine)

Spider (cute) 

See once I know you little tackers are here I can put effort into finding you. Turns out I suspect you like the cool damp air coming out through the windows and doors from the evaporative cooler.


I only learnt we had these nearby recently and today I walk out the front door and feel a cobweb on my arm and look down to see this dude. They're so damned pretty. Lot smaller than I thought! Had to run back inside with him on my arm to grab a phone to take pictures. Couldn't get the proper camera out without both hands.

Fluke shot. Snapped a couple but the first one was the only good one. Could be better (had I stopped down a tiny bit I think; dof too thin) but I'm pleased.


These are fucking dangerously drinkable. Lucky I've only got one.

I made a friend today. Well ok they may not think so but I like them even though they do not like me very much.

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