@futzle "the hell is making that racket? oh right the ups."

@futzle about the only time I remember I have a UPS tbh

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petition to ban TV scifi writers from doing multiverse episodes

@mike I know so many people who should really really know better who still don't use a password manager.

Must have been some thunder around this morning because I have a loaf of cat that wont leave between my feet


Had a Yumbo. Look I mean there's nothing about it that is bad other than the concept.

help birthday present teenager 

@ajft thats a good idea

help birthday present teenager 

@ajft book voucher is a safe go-to

This party is lit 

@emmadavidson do love a good bonfire, haven't had one in years, they're not very welcome in suburbia!

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You no longer have to imagine how a dog would look if it could clasp its fingers together. #dogs

Image CW: dog eye contact

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