Fresh tattoo. Don't *think* there's any blood on it, but just in case... 

RAAF 737-700 EVY31 in at ABX. Wedgetail was flying around earlier too. Are they shipping out ADF folk from here to Sydney I wonder.

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@xssfox seems a good use. I have one of these on the way and am trying to think of a terrible no good use for it.


Also I have never had an appliance this quiet. It is unnerving. I won't believe it's working until the dishes come out clean.

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New dishwasher installed. Guess that's knock off time.

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What’s my perfect video game? Something like My Summer Car, but you manage a Russian narrow gauge logging railway in the Ural foothills. Comfy vibes like you get after downing half a bottle of vodka by break time for your driving shift

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80 hours and counting on results.

@gnomon I love animals I love animals I love animals just keep telling myself that :psyduck:


Me on the phone to vet: Hi I'd like to bring the kitten in for chip and vax and a look over because he has the
*kitten squirting liquid hellshit under my desk while I talk* he has.. cough.. the runs still.. *wheeze*

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My life's greatest achievement: Get spectrum painted xssfox in a news article.

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The existence of the Messier Catalogue of nebulae implies the existence of the Tidier Catalogue of nebulae.

The Event (related) 

If it's the right thing to do why does it consistently punish myself and those I love.

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@xssfox "Warning CCTV in place" oh that's trouble alright

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