Part: I work fine on the bench after you cleaned me and tested me! Put me back in the vehicle!

Part: Haha you thought I was fixed fuck you I will never be fixed all your efforts are all in vain and ACKkgk *part is cut out violently and replaced outright*

Pets, death 

@fortescue It is the right decision but it never ever gets any easier making it or second guessing yourself. Good boy Bertie.

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@addamschloe "oh it's websites.. I don't know what I expected"

auspol, mention of rape 

@pelagikat oh righto yeah, eh probably changed their mind

auspol, mention of rape 

@pelagikat fifteen seconds after one legal team finds a way to work around deffo law.

@dadegroot this reads less like a food safety issue and more like a "they're not being taxed highly enough" issue

@dadegroot I have already safely disposed of a few of those and will happily take any disposals others may have.

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[POLL, multiple options] It’s March!

@futzle there's a couple of different chrome plugins that do similar things but yeh I've used Recipe Cleaner for ages and haven't had everything about me sold on the darkweb

The Event 

Brain scrape was negative as expected. Still got to deal with the boogers and cough though.

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