Just realised no power tonight means I'm going to have to rely on my meat vessel to breathe and well its not been very good at it traditionally

@pelagikat I'll be ok, I'm not sure my partner will be though. I think today for them has, and there's still a bit to go, been A Day.

Had to hit the "I can't be in pain I've got things to do" button and oh boy is that going to come back to haunt me big time.

Health (-) 

@daedalus wont be today because I have to sit in a car for a lot of it blaaaah. Might have to doctor next week and see if we can find out what keeps doing this.

Health (-) 

@pelagikat it is a pain of unreasonable proportions!

Health (-) 

Oh holy fuck have I done something not fun to my back or my hip or my knee because they're all an agonising hell.

@addamschloe "because a relationship between communists should be nothing if not fair" lol. This is a very good and very sweet song.

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why the fuck would I pay $15 for "XML Basics" when I already get "Hazardous Waste Management" at the $8 level

they're basically the same thing



@tqft blah. Well, it's ever closer to the end of the week at least.

medical good news 

@mxsiege that is indeed nice.

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pleroma should really at this point be whitelist only.

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I don't often bring up domain blocks, but if you're running your own server, you might want to block the domain 10minutepleroma.com, the potential for spam and abuse is immense.

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trans fetish transphobia conspiracy 

@mxsiege what an excellent idea!

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Suggests my serotonin has bottomed out but there's also been the wildly swinging weather which has never helped.

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Oh dear. I think there's a migraine coming. I've not had one for a very long time and kind of hoped they'd been sorted out.

Pandemic, positive 

@iconography you are good people <3

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