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Just starting some work today, building out more HUD elements to begin. Inventory preview on hover, and click to open.

It also shows your hotkeys for each menu so no more finding weird ways to casually tell the player "Press I to open your inventory"

remember when the internet was fun and full of possibilities? yknow how now it's a miserable hell? reminder that what happened is that capitalism colonized it and now it's just as shitty as everything else capitalism's got its hooks in

like. seo, algorithms, targeted advertising: these are all DESIGNED to keep you from finding some weirdo's X-Files fan page or geocities star trek web ring. I would 1000x rather find those than tweets from the u.s. president, yet here we are #thankscapitalism

Hosting the third annual game jam at my office this summer. Thinking about getting more serious with the LOVE2d engine. Anyone have experience? Tips?

Something I'm really proud of with Evenfall is the Psychic school of magic. You get a few basic spells to work with, and a palette of passive abilities that customize those spells to your play style. Here's an example:

Getting back into the groove of and reworking the visuals of most spells in @EvenfallGame. Trying to give things a better look and feel. Here's "Blaze", which launches you forward in an explosion of fire!

Oh dear, I'm wandering into React Native territory. I'm sorry, @kevboh

me: alexa. open me up a tab on ... sunsets with the sun airbrushed out

cylinder: this is Google Home Cylinder. I'm afraid that your credit rating is too low. im projecting a QR code onto the ceiling. pay 0.000008 bitcoins onto the QR code. using your mind

me: what the fuck. thats more than the GDPR of the world. i mean the GDP of the world!!! the gross domestic pr--

cylinder: look pal, you g

i dont know where the fuck im even going with this toot? what narrative even is this

It has been pouring rain nonstop here for a week straight. Not supposed to let up until Tuesday. Learned very quickly that we have some issues with water getting in the basement, and some window well flooding. I just want a day without rain to get some fixes going.

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This talk is amazing. How am I just seeing this now?

"Programmer Anarchy" - a talk on why common agile practice inhibits work, and we should just do what we think is the right thing to do.


Still a few more move-in chores to get through before I'm able to really settle back down, but hoping to get back to world by next week. I miss all y'all.

I just sat and watched the recycle collectors pick up what I left on the curb.

I'm officially a 5 year old again

We added a generic feedback system on our product at work so our customers could tell us if they're happy with it or not and why/why not.

This is a lot to take in. I don't know what I expected.

Useful, though.

Thought the google-AI-making-phone-calls demo thing was a bit silly at first, but thinking about it more, it could be a good solution to helping those with anxiety get information from phone-only services.

Back to work today. Still working from home in the mornings to take care of the pup, but strangely excited to try out the new commute and begin getting some routine normalcy.