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Michael Barrett @twisterghost@mastodon.social

Also let me know when good good dog pictures counts as a viable form of currency

Any bored rich person out there looking to bank roll a no name indie game dev I'm your duuuuude

All I actually want to do all day is stay home and work on my game.

The Life Pursuit by Belle and Sebastian remains hot fire to this day

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I started a tabletop game company with a friend last year. We are working on our first title. I keep seeing incredibly talented, yet unknown-to-most artists online and I wish I had the funds to hire them all. My dream is to make games with some of the wonderful artists out there.

On this blessed day, we celebrate the wonderful deeds of Saint Hallmark, the patron saint of capitalism

Pardon my jade. I love my partner very much. But remember that things don't show love. Time and experiences do.

Happy regular day filled with love ❤

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I keep waffling between wanting to be more politically active and thinking my energy is best spent elsewhere.

Maybe a good rule is to not consider posting online "being politically active" and instead attend rallies n such.

I much prefer posting happy articles and pictures of my doggo

Dog is in full lounge mode this morning

Hey fediverse I wanted to draw attention to a huge security flaw that emerged in MacOS High Sierra

Apparently you can log in to root with no password by just repeatedly trying, this is a huge flaw and I believe it is being fixed. If you have a MacOS and it's High Sierra you should absolutely pay close attention to any updates releasing soon.

Source: twitter.com/lemiorhan/status/9
(Apple response)

Please boost!

For and , here's a quick video of the spell selection and upgrade interface in @EvenfallGame. Some polishing left to do (alignment, etc), but leaps and bounds better than it was before!

here's a past piece, a background based on paloma's hut from the eleventh hour arc of taz!

#art #mastoart #creativetoot #taz