Gonna make the dice roll box smaller than the last one I made which was intended for the whole group to use, as a fixture in the center. Got a lot of mileage out of that one but need something portable.

In the woodshop this morning. Got a kerosene heater out here to make it workable in the winter without a half dozen layers on. Currently oiling a wood burnt sign to hang in here, next speccing out a dice roll box for a D&D game I'm playing in.

I've spent a long time now just admiring the LÖVE game engine from afar without actually using it for something. I really want to change that.

Here is a portrait of Ejle the horse smuggler, one of the founders of the new rouge realm of Gwehenon, the hero riders, found in the country of Fylges in Mittland.

He is a man who likes to sleep when he can, get's angry at corrupt practices, and rebels against it through shady dealings. A difficult path to walk indeed!

Made by my close friend Henrik Rosenborg (artstation.com/henrikrosenborg) #trudvang #penandpaper #roleplayinggame

New lighting system (first pic) from a few weeks ago. It's not much but its a huge improvement over the old one (second pic)

For a while I liked the old system because I thought it was more thematic with the rest of the game, but I really preferred the new one instantly.

Scrivener is really good for writing tabletop campaigns but I've still yet to find an actually good bespoke campaign manager. I've tried a lot but they're all one or more of: shoddy, expensive, feature poor, clunky, slow

I have a few ideas for what I want, hoping to get myself to actually build it out

Putting together a holiday D&D one off campaign that merges the people who are in town from two other groups. Looking forward to running it, and in the writing stage right now.

Anyone in the space have suggestions for keeping things moving in a one off with relative time constraints? Playing 5e. Planning to implement a time limit on combat turn silence. Looking for other tips.

@trunk Please add me to Gamedev, Javascript, RPG, Socialists, Technology, Vim.

Finding sr.ht has made me a happy camper. It's everything I want from a modern web service.

Starting off the day properly with some cheesy grits

Working on a basic map for @EvenfallGame. Hardcoding location data right now, looking forward to building a pipeline to take my simple map layout (in a spreadsheet!) and compiling it to a format the game can take in.

Really pumped to see the map unfurl over time. My starry-eyed goal for the final map size is perhaps overzealous, but hey, it's my world, I want to see it built out.

I've had "Don't stop me now" stuck in my head for three days and I thought I would be a lot happier about it than I actually am

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