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Michael Barrett @twisterghost@mastodon.social

I might have exaggerated the effects of this power up 🤔

#gamedev #hastymelons

The doggo is going through the ringer this weekend. We were out most of yesterday and going to be out most of this afternoon. That means hella playtime this morning 👍👍

Time to make billions.

(#ldjam|mers: found this neat tool (in the jam intro post, but still): boltkey.cz/ld41roller/)

Most of my recent text messages are just 2FA keys

It's actually entirely possible that we will hit 420,000 toots today.

Please don't disappoint me, Switter! #swittermilestones

Really hoping the internet as a whole realizes that we're largely doing two factor authentication wrong and we fix it.

Everyone has their own home-rolled solution, usually via SMS, and usually at a snails pace.

I've been reading Michael Pollan's "A Place of My Own" and its getting me eager to get to my workshop in the home I'm purchasing. The ability to create spaces dedicated to creative flow is an exciting prospect.

Once I'm past my home purchase, I'm storing all of my money in a pillowcase. I'm pretty done with coordinating with financial institutions.

I just kinda figured it would be good since it was from the farmers market. Maybe it is better than what's at the store but I don't even particularly love scrapple.

I'm a monkey I guess

Bought a giant tin of scrapple from the farmers market. The puréed meat and cornmeal concoction is adorned with flecks of congealed fat.

Why did I do this to myself

Try to donate, recycle or throw away two things you don't need today.

Writing documentation is super useful. Keep that documentation up-to-date is godlike

I still remember "Twenty three is number one" as the mnemonic device for passing the deku shrubs in the Great Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time, but I struggle to remember what I did yesterday.

I could spend an eternity designing boss battles

I didn't realize how much simple, repeated, unwanted social interactions weighs on me until recently. Living in a highrise apartment building is finally getting to me after about 5 years. I walk my dog at least 4 times a day, and every time I go out and in, I'm reminded.