Trying to get all my music out of Google music given that they're shutting it down in favor of YouTube music this year, and fuck if I'm going to be using YouTube music.

This is far, far more difficult than it should be. Only real option is their broken music manager app, which downloads but the ui for it is busted, so I have no idea what percentage I'm at.

Tried takeout, but all my music files are CSVs? Maybe they put the actual data under Drive?

@twisterghost where did you see google music is shutting down this year?

@skryking Having trouble finding the actual source. I recall reading their post about it last year. A quick search yields discussion about it being shut down and what to do about it, but I can't find a 1st party source.

I recall them promising "a smooth landing" for google music users. I dunno. With all the services they've been "consolidating" recently, I'd rather just get out before it's too late.

@twisterghost Ahh ok, I'm a user of google music but its integration with my google home mini's annoys me. Can only listen to one stream at a time with it. This doesn't seem to effect youtube music though... so it might actually work better for me and my family.

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