Music files retrieved from Google music and backed up. Feels good to have ownership over my music library again. Missing all the stuff I "added" to my library instead of purchased so now I gotta track some of that down.

Any suggestions for good cross platform media players? Seems like VLC on Android is nice, and using foobar2000 on windows but not married to it. Would like something that works on Debian or Ubuntu as well.

@twisterghost saw your post ( Actually just went through a really similar thing with dropping spotify.

For linux / BSD, locally I don't know if anything beats mpd/ncmpc. Takes getting used to ncmpc for sure, but it's very very good. Also +1 to running in a terminal

In terms of music available everywhere. I found Subsonic super easy to work with. There are tons of clients for it, but Dsub on android is great and the web player on desktop is good enough

@slackz thank you! I'll check all that out today. Would love something that can run in a term window so that sounds perfect

@twisterghost make sure to throw in a "-c" flag for colorized output :)

I think the most recent version had some color scheme stuff I didn't love, but that's probly customizable. I'm on ncmpc 0.27

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