A little more work on my tabletop combat manager this weekend. It is still ugly as sin but it has some semblance of styling. Planning to take a real stab at the overall style later on, focusing on functionality right now.

I also moved it over to github to help with visibility. You can follow the project here if you'd like: github.com/twisterghost/combat

It is way too early to really use, but for funsies I'll be deploying nightlies to combat-manager.mjb.sh/

The goals are:

* Character/monster bank
* No login (all local data)
* Auto save state, come back whenever
* Minimal, effective, clear design
* FAST - little-to-no load time, lightweight at run time

As a DM, I just want a combat manager that does exactly what I need, and nothing more, that is available at a whim, that I can preload with entities and gives me the clear overview and organization I need, and I don't want to have to log in to something for it.

Also its just a fun project.

So, watch this space I suppose. I'd like to be building more tabletop tools that follow these guidelines. The landscape is pretty just apps that are either too overbearing, require a subscription, or crusty and janky.

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