Not particularly gorgeous, but the map proof of concept is coming along nicely.

Began work on a simple location-by-location unlocking map over the past week in spare time. Finally coming along with panning and location info on hover.

Only have a small handful of locations on the map right now. Locations reveal on the map when you first enter them. Gray tiles are unexplored. Still to come: grid lines, real unrevealed area gfx, quest markers.

New lighting system (first pic) from a few weeks ago. It's not much but its a huge improvement over the old one (second pic)

For a while I liked the old system because I thought it was more thematic with the rest of the game, but I really preferred the new one instantly.

Playing around with a new idea for a simpler and more clear levelup UI

Added a suble spawn-in effect for items, as well as rarity indicator particles to help people identify items of value on the ground.

This is Pippin. She followed us around a game store we stopped at in Vermont. She recently lost her best friend but then learned that she loved to get pets from people.

We loved Pippin very much.

Today is his one year puppiversary! One year ago today, our lives became so much brighter because of this sweet boy.

Heard a thud behind my desk chair and turned around to see this flop

Flynn does this thing where when my partner is about to leave the house, he blocks the door while pretending he's not obviously blocking the door.

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