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Oh good god - after the reset + update, I'm presented with "Walmart eBooks by kobo"

When did this happen? I got a kobo to avoid buying in to a conglomerate

Does anyone know of a solid alternate ebook reader? I want to invest more in paper books but my kobo has a soft backlight that lets me read in bed without waking my partner with light

My Kobo reader went bonkers last night when I went to read before bed. First issue I've had with it in years, but seems to be recovering now after a reset or something.

Here's hoping I didn't lose my bookmarks 😩

Writing dialogue - especially quest dialogue - is weird. My game has no voice acting, so getting across how people speak without making everyone seem the same is interesting. Visualizing accents and verbal ticks by writing. Trying to convey sarcasm and empathy. You don't get to write anything else around it, you can't color the dialogue too much with other text. Its uncharted territory for me, but very fun.

Thoughts on changing from being a closed-off asshole to being an open-minded and accepting person

I'm ashamed of who I was, but proud to look back on how I've changed.

Also I'm not a recruiter or even the hiring manager. Just a developer who is excited to work with new folks.


If you are in the DC area and looking for front or back end (or both) web development salaried work, hit me up. The company I work for is hiring 13 positions in our Silver Spring office. I've been here for 5 and a half years and it's a really great place to work. Open minded people, very supportive, flexible sick days and pto.

If you want more info let me know. Otherwise, please boost if you like.

Women, minorities, GSM all very encouraged to apply

Best logo for a project I think I've ever seen (visible in the README)

Wtf is it with November? Suddenly everyone has to grow facial hair, stop masturbating, and write a novel? Is it just that the year has gone on for SO LONG that there's nothing else for it but to become 17th century ascetic Puritan authors? Can't we just, you know, have a normal month?

Also the new teams I'm working with are >50% women which fucking rules. I've had at most one woman on my team for the past 5 years. Tired of the boys clubs.

Our office is hiring like crazy and we're all being tapped to help with interviews. So far, every interview I've been tapped to help on is for the "behavioral" segment.

TIL people think I'm a good judge of character.

Here comes the new world order

First day back to work after six weeks of PTO

Still doesn't feel like enough, but proud of what I was able to accomplish between house work, shop work and dev work during my break. 👍

Playing around with a new idea for a simpler and more clear levelup UI

Added a suble spawn-in effect for items, as well as rarity indicator particles to help people identify items of value on the ground.

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