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This is really cool

More physical "security hacking" projects please. Physically impeding a product that wants to track you and only getting the parts you want is a really cool idea. I could see a good use for a phone case that can hard-scramble bluetooth or GPS capabilities of the phone until you flip a physical switch. Kinda like the simple tape-on-webcam, but for everything.

I get more exited about every time I check in on the project. There are now a few standard modules, a module style guide and binary installation manager

I did actually have a good idea this morning for a tiny little project that I could do in LOVE. Sorta inspired by mario maker. We'll see if I get to it.

Lua is just so much fun to write.

Sorta kinda getting over the hump of the core part of my side project game. I've taken 3 or 4 attempts now at how I want to manage some of the core functionality, I should probably just take what I've learned and start with a new project from scratch, but there's not a whole lot already there anyway.

Still half-considering switching over to LOVE as the framework, but as always with that, I want to get this out the door, not use it as a learning project :(

I'll use LOVE some day...

tired: meet your #AGDQ2019 speedrun estimate because you practiced
wired: beat your #AGDQ2019 speedrun estimate because you have a plane to catch IRL

Music files retrieved from Google music and backed up. Feels good to have ownership over my music library again. Missing all the stuff I "added" to my library instead of purchased so now I gotta track some of that down.

Any suggestions for good cross platform media players? Seems like VLC on Android is nice, and using foobar2000 on windows but not married to it. Would like something that works on Debian or Ubuntu as well.

Woke up with harsh neck pain, could barely move without causing a hell of a lot of pain. It's manageable now, I'm up, but moving my neck at all hurts. Ended up laying in bed and watching (playing?) that Netflix black mirror choose your own adventure movie.

Was interesting. Very fourth wall breaky, but feels like we've past fourth wall breaks being edgy and are back to just wanting solid experiences. At least I feel that way.

Been reducing my coffee intake, mostly to help make coffee actually give me a boost again as opposed to being a crutch. Going well, finding I mostly just miss the flavor. I should invest in some decaf.

Trying to get all my music out of Google music given that they're shutting it down in favor of YouTube music this year, and fuck if I'm going to be using YouTube music.

This is far, far more difficult than it should be. Only real option is their broken music manager app, which downloads but the ui for it is busted, so I have no idea what percentage I'm at.

Tried takeout, but all my music files are CSVs? Maybe they put the actual data under Drive?

I don't know how I only just now thought of disengaging my near-kitchen smoke detector when cooking something that I know will produce smoke

If you put "that doesn't suck" in your project summary, I expect it to not suck. Please don't lie.

Does anyone have an example of successfully using an ECS architecture on the web? I can't shake the feeling that it would actually be pretty useful in some use cases

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