Yesterday, I wrote up an API HLD and my brain is still mush today!

After months and months of artist's block, I've finally felt creative enough to make up a ref sheet for my bull character, Tarw.

If someone offers you a free kidney infection, don't take them up on it - it's not worth it!

VR things: Cleaned the battery terminals on my motion controllers' PCB and now battery life is superb. I swapped out my Bluetooth adapter and now the tracking and position stability is rock solid.

I've been trying to learn sculpting in Blender 2.80 - this is kinda the first time my pokings have felt like actual progress!

I'm doing a bike ride to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Sponsor me?

Please? <3

How to make your Birdsite account feel wholesome again:
1. Protect account
2. Turn off everybody's retweets
3. Mute everyone
4. Delete app

Tempted to move to the Insider Fast Ring build of Windows to see how well the app immersion mode works in Elite: Dangerous VR.

New desk! New graphics card! Still so much displaced rubbish to deal with!

Today, I was unexpectedly the much appreciated authority on something. Sadly, this was just because of happenstance and not because anyone who knew I was professionally experienced in said field bothered to mention it to anyone.

New graphics card ordered! Merry Christmas to me!

I really wanted to draw stuff last night, but lost all confidence and enthusiasm when I sat down to.

Who wants a free copy of Contraption Maker on Steam?

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a card from "Poo".

If I could motivate myself into drawing again over the Christmas break, what sort of thing would people like to see?

And on that thought, why does the list of followers that people have not show up fully in an app but does if you're looking at the web page?

Is it still a pain in the everything to move to another Mastodon instance?

I've not looked at Birdsite for a few days 

I can't deal with it. Too much about politics and news and stuff I can't do anything about and it all clogs my head up and makes my anxiousness spike.

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