Right, I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to organise a conference in Europe for people working on ethical alternatives to surveillance capitalism that isn’t sponsored by surveillance capitalism. For people who aren’t afraid to pick a side.

Because I’ve had it with this bullshit and we need non-bullshit alternatives.

Watch this space.

@aral I hate to say this, but count me out.

Too much hostility.

When you can demonstrate a willingness to engage politely with people you disagree with and respect others' points of view, I'll consider it.

Your hostility may be inspiring to some, but you may as well know it's extremely off-putting to others, including folks "on your side."

My 2c, take it as you will.

(And before you write me off as another Google fan-boy, consider what I've been working on for the past decade.)

Seeing as how this is his way of 'fighting against' something that is controlled by market forces, I would say that historically his push will ultimately be a waste of resources. Generally the only ventures that have a chance to succeed are venture that try to improve a product and offer an awesome, superior product - 1/2

@HerraBRE Generally speaking though, if the goal is to destroy something, it will ultimately fail because he is fighting against the wants and needs of a market of _people_. So in effect, he is fighting against the people (i.e. the markets) which is hard to do without guns and violence. - 2/2


@poetgrant @HerraBRE lmao you fucking capitalist nerds have truly the most harebrained and amateurish social theories

I don't see an argument here. Just an assumption and a baseless criticism at best.

@poetgrant @HerraBRE "NOT AN ARGUMENT!!" hahahahahhaha this is exactly why i called you a nerd

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