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Just finished reading this book. It starts with the detention of the author at the Russian airport and it changed everything I thought about Russia. This book takes you through a bumpy ride the author had in Russia and outside Russia by Russians. Not a good reviewer but as an ordinary reader, in my experience, this book is full of thrill in reality. The way the author narrates the details, it seems you're the part of the fight against Russian criminality.


Everything about these scoundrels is illegal! Their lives before getting elected, what they've done to enter Parliament, what they've done after they entered it & what they've done to retain their seats!

Do you guys have a particular way to keep yourself updated with newly released books & events?

Here are 4 good reasons why government have run away from Rajya Sabha today & adjourned Zere Hour & Question Hour: First 4 questions in Question Hour were to be answered by Finance Minister

1) Hoarding notes after Demonetization
2) PMC Bank Fraud
3) Public Sector Banks fraud
4) PSU's disinvestment

All Kashmiris out there, give me a shout. I'll follow you. Please boost this and help Kashmiri voices be heard

anyone need a writer?

i can make:

- jox
- sense
- nonsense
- stories
- songs
- ๐Ÿ’ซ drama๐Ÿ’ซ
- dialogues
- mast hashtags
- ghatiya hashtags
- people comfortable
- people uncomfortable

what do you want?
i have a farrago of words

People! Newslaundry is hiring!!

If you are a techie who can work in a fast-paced environment, have enough knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript, we're looking for you!

Send your applications to


-How to use ReactJS to build a front end application
-ES6 functionality, including concepts like promises and async/await
-Git and Version Control
-Knowledge of working with APIs
-Understanding of backend structures

Pls boost!

Just created a wordpress for myself and wrote the first blog post. Anyone willing to provide feedback?

Currently, 9 of the top 10 most valuable firms in India are making losses. In results, people are losing jobs, no money in hand to feed their family. And here the politicians & their family members with no business are making truckloads of money. This is a depressing situation.

I am not bothered about Gautam Gambhir being an absolute dolt of a politician. He never showed any promise. Never created expectation. Didn't show a single track record and still people voted for him because anything for that Modi. No one really cares

Message for #Modi bhakts:-

1. SC "verdicts" may or may not be the "justice". At times SC court acquit even the murderer due to lack of evidence

2. Winning elections continuously may or may not be the proof of good governance, even Hitler won all elections..DEMOCRATICALLY

3. Visiting foreign countries may or may not bring goodwill and investment, at times President of US can say India is bringing garbage ( Modi) ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hey moderator mother in law jokes allowed or is that animal cruelty?

BooksByWeight at Sundarbai Hall, Churchgate - 14 to 17 Nov - Buy by kilos, starting INR 100

Happy Childrens Day!

If you are a parent, please don't dismiss the random ideas your kids tell you about.

Encourage them to be MORE random in life.

In this day and age where nothing is certain, having a plan is pointless. Kids who grow up to embrace the chaos and use it to their advantage will the ones who will thrive.

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