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Just finished reading this book. It starts with the detention of the author at the Russian airport and it changed everything I thought about Russia. This book takes you through a bumpy ride the author had in Russia and outside Russia by Russians. Not a good reviewer but as an ordinary reader, in my experience, this book is full of thrill in reality. The way the author narrates the details, it seems you're the part of the fight against Russian criminality.

Is this website dead or what? Canโ€™t see anyone on TL.

Has anyone read Kushielโ€™s Dart? I read the book about 20% with a lot of patience but itโ€™s turning out to be a really trashy. I am giving up unless someone motivates me.

You are forced to talk about the ram mandir, article 370, citizenship amendment bill when you want to talk about the economic derailment, unemployment, poverty, hunger, rapes, and illiteracy in this country.

When I was a in school, saffron colour looked cool to me because it symbolised the legacy of Ch. Shivaji. I fuckinโ€™ hate that colour now.โ€ฌ

Change my opinion about this. Any kick-ass recommendations appreciated.

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Anybody has Kindle unlimited subscription? Is it worth subscribing?

Feeling like to sit somewhere, at riverside maybe, and go on binge reading one of my fav novel.

Was 'No Strings Attached' movie adapted from 'Fiance by Fate' ?

The song 'bella ciao, bella ciao' in has created a great impact on me.

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