@atomicpoet Conversations intentionally does not convey the same thing as Messages on Twitter. Mastodon's post visibilities are not the same as, and not intended to be used as, DMs, and though our UI has gotten cozy with equivocating them over the years (due to optimizing for a local maxima of community feedback) I went over and made them clearly different just yesterday to better manage privacy expectations.

Micro-review of Sonic Anchorage (AK) - our first in town, my first anywhere:

method: drive-through

staff: all kids, trying hard

burger (basic model): OK, though not very warm (had to make mine special w/o cheese, so I understand the queueing challenge)

tots, fries: not sure yet, they were totally out at 7pm (?)

mozz sticks: good (per Steph, also I tried one, I can cheat a little with cheese)

cherry limeade: fun - my first

hot dogs: next time!

[500 chars on Mastodon: kinda cool!]

@jimfenton Not that I've seen. Closest I've done is to look at accounts who are already active in this space and following folks I would normally follows. Not ideal, but at least it helps get started.

@jimfenton Gargron is probably doing it to try to shed load across other instances. Understandable, but the (also understandable) counterpressure is that validating & vetting a user across multiple namespaces is a PITA, and there's more network effect on mastodon.social.

Among Mastodons, consolidating to mastodon.social for now.


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