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DevOps is hot! 🔥 Maar hoe werkt dat nou? Kom het ontdekken op de workshop die we op 17 november organiseren. Check nllgg.nl/bijeenkomst/20181117

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#golang, or, how Google geniuses ignored 20 years of compiler design, removed any feature they considered the average programmer too fucking stupid to understand, and still ended up with a language where nil != nil

Looks like has been cancelled for this year. The university that gave the okay retracted that okay last week, and the schedule as such has been rescheduled to May 11, 2019.


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I just published my latest work report for my The Perl Foundation grant, the profiler frontend UI.

Read it here, and tell me what you think, if you want :)


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Yet another post, informing the world that Perl 6 now also supports a Javascript backend, in addition to the JVM and MoarVM backend that were already available.


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#Perl6 speed is continuously increasing.

#CSV parsing is probably the most looked speed canary for #Perl6 since the author of Text::CSV runs it since a long time.

He explains in the following blog post that #Perl6 is now 145 time faster than in October 2014.



@qqlq Are you planning to attend -dose this year? It's on the 24th of November, in Eindhoven if I'm not mistaken.

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Start docker and my KVM guests can no longer access the internet. Docker says:

"On Linux, Docker manipulates iptables rules to provide network isolation. This is an implementation detail, and you should not modify the rules Docker inserts into your iptables policies."

How is something an implementation detail if it has visible side effects?

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RT @jjmerelo@twitter.com
New version of is out, 2018.09, and the new version of the @Docker@twitter.com container based on Alpine is already ready for download: hub.docker.com/r/jjmerelo/alpi

Write directly:

docker run -it jjmerelo/alpine-perl6 -e 'say (1,1, { $^þ + $^ð } ... Inf)[ 10 .. 20 ]'

RT @LearningPerl6@twitter.com
Amazon (US) is now shipping Learning Perl 6. You could have it on Monday.

"Chrome is a Google Service that happens to include a Browser Engine": ha.x0r.be/posts/chrome-is-a-go

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