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Tyil @tyil@mastodon.social

Getting your / programs to fork into the background, to make services: tyil.nl/tutorials/6lang-creati

Small article on how to get started with if you have a Raspberry Pi: tyil.nl/tutorials/getting-perl

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Every time I read the #Perl6 documentation I get into uncontrollable fits of nervous laughter.

"Really? You can do _that_?"

New release for the Config module. It now supports associative indexes to retrieve configuration options!

Also, conference in Amsterdam in a week and a half!

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“Perl6 Quality Assurance: Full Ecosystem Toaster”

When you use your ecosystem to check you qualitify.


#Perl6 #QA

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#GnuPG fundraising campaign:


It is disappointing how some of the world's most essential and widely used programs struggle to get funds. GPG was even worse off a couple years ago before the ProPublica article. For those who don't remember:


The MPD::Client should have all functionality now. Next up is some documentation and a decent test suite. github.com/scriptkitties/p6-MP

For those using Ansible, I started on making a role to setup tinc vpn. It's my first proper ansible role, so all feedback is appreciated: github.com/scriptkitties/ansib

Have you ever wanted to combine and ? Well, I don't, but for the odd folk out there, you can! github.com/zoffixznet/perl6-In

toml parser for the Config module is now included in the perl ecosystem! github.com/scriptkitties/p6-Co