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Oh look, the pro-diversity crowd is bullying people who are putting in their time and effort into organizing an event!


Absolutely disgusting how those who scream the loudest for compassion and inclusion always resort to bullying and harassment. Everybody loses in that situation.

#php #conference #harassment
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A new post has appeared on my blog. Sadly, it has turned a tad political, but if you're currently a supporter of codes of conduct, please read through it and share your opinions as to why you support them. I would very much like to understand the reasoning for people to be such big fans of them.

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For more #Perl community goodness, there has just been an announcement that there will be a #GermanPerlWorkshop in 2020 as well!
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If I heard the news right, the next #PerlCon #Europe will be held in The Netherlands!
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▶ perl6org
▶ croservices: Cro 0.8.1 is here! Including a new Cro::WebApp distribution, which provides a templating engine, for those doing server-side web apps. Also, lots of other fixes and improvements. Enjoy! #perl6 cro.services/docs/releases#0.8

RT @b2gills@twitter.com
@jdegoes@twitter.com In Perl6, even subroutine signatures are values.
There is also syntax for creating a signature literal.

my $signature = :( Int $a, Int $b --> Int );

say $signature.params[0]; # Int $a

For old, current and potential users, there’s a survey to fill out to better understand the wishes of the (potential) userbase. If you’re using, have used or are considering to ever use Perl6, please fill it out!

Time to head to the in ! Doors open at 10, first talk is at 12. If you’re living in the area, do check it out, entrance is gratis!

If you thought Intel was done with all it’s recent exploits, think again. Two new exploits were found today!

I have two mentees for . I hope I can support them properly and see some good results in a couple months!

is happening next Saturday! If you’re close to , I would recommend you drop by for a bit. It’s gratis attendance, and there’s talks that you can visit. Check the schedule for this year for more information!

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