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Most importantly, stop putting institutional events on Facebook, stop using it at universities, stop making participation in Facebook mandatory through your institutional, organization, and activist roles. You can be online, and social, and connected without supporting Facebook.

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There are definitely legitimate reasons for thinking Arch Linux is bad but "once or twice a year I have to run an extra command to update, woe is me" is far from it

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yeah i’m a PROGRAMMER:
P - I
R - don’t
O - actually
G - code
R - or
A - anything
M - i
M - just
E - like
R - crossdressing
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The new github homepage is really freaking me out. Not a fan :/

BitCoin is a massive waste of energy. We all secretly knew it, but now there's a study about it as well.


"The end of an era" - log.perl.org/2018/05/goodbye-s

After 20 years of solid service for developers, search.cpan.org is going to be officially replaced with MetaCPAN.

"The sad state of sysadmin in the age of containers": vitavonni.de/blog/201503/20150

Relatively old article, but still very relevant today.

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in what seems to pass today as breaking security news, both the unix shell and the windows command prompt has a vulnerability where if a malicious user can persuade a user to run an arbitrary script, the code in it will be executed with said user's privileges.

@wiz FWIW, the AUR comments on the rakudo-star package contain the following quote from the maintainer: "[...] I haven't got this to build / work properly. [...]". So I think it's safe to say the AUR doesn't provide in this category. I can package up LoneStar into the AUR if I'm bored, though.

>let gf touch laptop to let her boot it from usb for a hdd smart test
>she unironically bricks it
>takes 5 hours to fix because this fucking laptop only resets its bios if the cpu is swapped out for another one

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FW from twitter:

@MelindaK1983: We are organising ! More info: t.co/Y9T1hRLnBz <perlworkshop.nl/nlpw2018/> (talks are in English and Dutch) (if you want to kindly sponsor us please contact me) :) and please RT!

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It's revealing of the state of the industry at large that software manuals don't exist anymore, and that documentation is often an afterthought.

It's elitist, IMO.

The books that I got with my Atari 400 (hand me downs in the mid nineties, I can't comment on what shipped with the system originally) were super thurrough, and also written at novices.

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