Hearing from various hospital adjacent friends that local hospitals are starting to run out of ICU space.

Live laugh love is a manufacturing triangle. You can only pick two in 2020.

Do you use anything for document version control? I’m stuck in an email hellworld with people sending things like “reports version 3.67 FINAL edited v2 final”. I have the power to potentially change this for the better, but it has to be stupidly simple and not enterprise-y. (I could of course use git or subversion, but there are normal human beings involved.)

Last time I redid the cables in my TV cabinet I labeled everything, and it’s been so useful that I’m mad I didn’t start doing it 20 years ago.

I went to the exurbs to pick up a bike for my kid. (There’s not a bike to be had within 20 miles of my house.) I was pleasantly surprised at the level of mask usage. Other than the overt Displays of Masculinity almost everyone had one.

There’s still at least one guy driving around the exurbs with a giant Tea Party flag in the back of his pickup.

Another day at the park. My kid still can’t use the playground equipment, but the middle-aged white people sure can use the hell out of the tennis courts.

The 6 foot magical thinking is from dated research from the 1930s. Submicron respiratory aerosols will remain airborne over 12 hours.

The whole face mask resistance thing is so weird. If I walked into the supermarket right now without shoes on, all the no mask people would be appalled. But my ugly ass feet aren’t going to kill anyone.

[4/4] She says that at night it feels like lots of people are just barely holding on and are one small thing away from losing it. All this was related to me in the context of her and her husband prepping their RV "to get the hell out of here" because she has some time off.

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[3/4] She also told me that a steroid freak guy attacked an elderly man because the old guy asked him to stand further away in a line. RageMan picked up the old guy and threw him on the ground, and then ran away. Knocked the old guy out.

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[2/4] In addition to the governor's order that everyone must wear a mask indoors in public spaces, it's also store policy. But they don't refuse service to non-mask wearers because people are so confrontational. Basically, the store wants to get those people the hell out as quickly as possibly and not cause them to talk or yell too much. Or worse.

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[1/4] Interesting conversation with a neighbor who manages a grocery store. Says there's a big difference in mask wearing between day and night. During the day most people have masks. Way lower mask usage at night, and people are aggressive and confrontational about requests to wear masks.

[2/2] They load instantly, you can immediately find the content, there's no idiot clickbait, there's not 10MB of ad tracking network Javascript loading in the background. There's even plain ole http version of the CNN site if you want an old fashioned here's-a-bunch-of-text experience.

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[1/2] A periodic reminder of the existence of lite.cnn.com/en and text.npr.org/, which are text-only versions of their main sites. It's like a glimpse of what the 'net was like in the brief period between the widespread adoption of broadband and the time when you could no longer turn off images and still expect most sites to work properly.

Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.*

*Unless I’m in the consulting business.

the situation 

CA requires masks for public interaction right now. You have to be living under a rock to be unaware of this.

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