I’ve stopped at the supermarket several times in the last week looking for a favorite snack, and I’ve been disappointed that it hasn’t been stocked. It just occurred to me that it’s made on the East Coast and the supply chain is probably disrupted because of the Missouri valley flooding.

I had to pretend that I’m in England so I could watch the highlight of the sportman kicking the sportball. Good job, everyone.

Inventing a time machine just so I can go back and live in a time when cashiers put the coins in your hand first then the folding money and receipts.

50% of my birdsite usage: “Aw, christ, now there’s this fucking guy again.” [scroll]

My iPhone's Screen Time report makes me feel guilty about how much time I spend on social media, so I'm just going to use my desktop for it from now on. Problem solved.

Well, Little League games are “just” 2 hours, right?

Yeah, but we have to get him there 15-30 early for warmups. Then we hand around 15-30 afterwards hitting the snack bar and cleaning up the field. It’s a 10 minute drive each way. 10-15 of getting dressed, shoes, sunscreen/bug spray before a game. If I have to get him from school, that’s at least 30 minutes more.

So, each game is a 3-4 hour commitment. Twice a week.

Why do parents continue to torture children with the whole “may I” instead of “can I” thing? No adults actually talk like that.

@typingmonkey This was in a thread titled “Missing chihuahua”. Also, another poster asked what kind of dog it is. Someone else posted a picture of a flyer for a missing Yorkie and asked if it was the missing chihuahua.

Someone on a neighborhood website has spelled the name of a small yappy dog breed as “chiwahwah”, and I regret to inform you that California is now cancelled.

Also: someone in my neighborhood posted video of a burglar stealing the camera taking the video.

I read an article summarizing interviews with burglars. The burglars said they were excited to see NRA bumper stickers because that meant the target had a lot of guns. Guns are valuable, easy to carry away, and easy to resell. I can’t stop thinking/laughing about this.

Staring at the tracking info that hasn’t been updated since Sunday and beginning to wonder if my stuff got chucked into a ravine in Arkansas or something.

Thank god for my local hardware store and its employees, who are all 19th level wizards.

The parents of young children were clearly not consulted about all this time change nonsense.

@typingmonkey Speaking of pencil sharpeners, I just want a simple razor-blade-in-a-box type one that a student might have in a backpack. I can’t find one anywhere. I finally went into a dollar store where I discovered I can buy a dozen in a clamshell for $2. No, I don’t want a dozen truly awful pencil sharpeners. I just want one decent one. I’ll even pay $2 for it. I hate this stupid economy’s dedication to shitting out huge quantities of trash.

But I know damn well that pencil sharpeners and children’s bubble bath are real things. It’s just that retail stores are shit.

I had a bizarre disassociative moment this afternoon. After having been to 4 different stores and finding none of the things I wanted, a little part of my brain pitched the idea that perhaps I was looking for things that only existed in my imagination. That really knocked me for a loop for a few seconds, and I felt the bottom dropping out before I quickly got a handle on things.

So now I’m buying the backboard I want from a different online retailer because they’re significantly cheaper than the Mart. This doesn’t give me much hope for the future of brick and mortar retail.

I want to replace the basketball backboard in my driveway. Because none of the online sources offer specs on attachment points I went to the Mart of Wal to go hands on. They had their offerings suspended 15 feet in the air where not even LeBron James could touch them and a big sign said GO TO OUR WEBSITE TO ORDER! I wish I were joking.

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