Thinking about moving on from Plex because its developers have made it difficult to use as a stand alone home media server without relying on an Internet connection. Feeling a little uncertain about moving on, though, because I've been using Plex for close to 10 years.

I always thought that emacs vs vi was the ne plus ultra of useless arguing about tools until I encountered people fighting about Snap-On vs not-Snap-On.

Is the client inserting random unprintable ASCII characters in their Excel file for no apparent reason? Haha, of course they are, silly. I mean why not?

Holy crap. What a gorgeous, devastating song. Even more astonishing is that Jari Mäenpää wrote the song, did most of the vocals, and played *all the instruments* on the track.

Wintersun - Loneliness (Winter)

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Music: Back on my Nuclear Blast bullshit. Writing stupid Excel code to Finnish melodic black metal band Wintersun, who kick all available ass. 🤘 🇫🇮

Related: My wife is on campus today.

Discussing the corn maze that we're in I used the phrase "topologically speaking" and my wife snorted.

Some poor soul on the internet: Anyone have opinions about VSCode vs Atom?

Eleventy hundred nerds, instantly: You should try emacs!

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That’s a hell of a way to live because it means someone who thinks that way will always be angry and fearful.

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I think what they’re actually angry about is that they’ve discovered that the world isn’t what they were told it was or would be. The dissonance between expectation and reality needs to be resolved, and instead of examining their expectations and concluding that those are inaccurate, they’re insisting that that the problem is external to them.

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uspol & culture 

You can take a step back and say that they’re afraid of change, but all the things they’ll say they’re angry about aren’t at all new or even particularly different from 20 years ago.

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uspol & culture 

The middle-class white people who are angry are really, really angry. I’m always trying to figure out exactly what it is that they’re angry about because they are unable to articulate it themselves. If you ask them, they’ll say crime or the homeless or, if they’re being a little candid, uppity minorities.

Just saw a former neighbor who I haven’t seen in a couple of years and within about 90 seconds he was holding forth on the “problems with BLM”. 😬😬😬

Another thing that I've learned during my current corp email migration project is that many people treat email as a feed. When an email scrolls off their screen after getting pushed far enough down in the stack, it might as well be deleted.

Finding the passwordless we'll-send-you-an-email design pattern to be incredibly annoying because it breaks my carefully considered and maintained password infrastructure.

Today is the last hot (90F+) day in the forecast for at least the 10 days, and I am delighted. I am so looking forward to wearing pants and hoodies and wool socks.

My mood this morning is “awakened by a leafblower a half hour before dawn”.

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