God, I love instructional maintenance videos put out by manufacturers. It's always a guy in pressed khakis and a polo working on brand new equipment. At some point he'll say, "Simply unscrew the froobnitz from the jimblejam", then he'll take a shiny new tool and [wrenchy wrenchy wrenchy] he's done. Meanwhile in the real world a profusely sweating beergut man in a stained t-shirt is cursing in 3 languages while he pounds on the froobnitz with a rusty hammer.


For clarity - an illustration of the concept, as opposed to trying to understand and sort the important bits out from the rest of messy reality.
It's like the difference between an Ikea line drawing and photographs

@Cornellbox There's a lot of sweating and cursing doing Ikea assembly also.

@typingmonkey froobnitz is against a back wall and it's so dark back there and it's also covered in a weird grease.


normal life: maybe a spider a day?
the second you try to fix something: all the spiders

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